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Impact recap & reactions: W. Morrissey sends a violent message

Impact Wrestling (June 10, 2021) featured AEW’s Tony Khan visiting the Impact Zone, Tommy Dreamer returning, and W. Morrissey sending a violent message to Rich Swann on the go-home to Against All Odds.

W. Morrissey has a chance to prove himself against Impact’s top star in Rich Swann at Against All Odds on June 12. As is often the case in Impact, Willie Mack was the hurdle to be stepped over on way to making it personal with Swann. Morrissey was ready to pound Mack in the no-DQ main event of Impact Wrestling.

Chains and chairs were the foreign objects of choice in this contest.

Mack rallied with kicks, a swinging slam, and a standing moonsault. He went high-risk for a frog splash, but Morrissey rolled away as Mack was in the air. Morrissey had been on top of a chair, so Mack landed hard onto the steel. Morrissey charged for a running elbow drop. Mack rolled away, so Morrissey landed onto the chair. Mack picked up the object ready to swing, however, Morrissey booted the steel into Mack’s face. That put out Mack’s lights for the 1, 2, 3.

After the match, Morrissey dragged Mack into the corner to set up a chair across his face. Morrissey’s plan for a big boot of destruction was ruined when Swann ran in for the save. Swann’s fancy feet overwhelmed the big man. Security intervened to separate the two men. Morrissey broke free to sandwich Swann into the corner. Swann collapsed, so Morrissey backed away. Swann had the last laugh in the end when he whacked Morrissey in the back with a chair. Tensions are boiling heading into Against All Odds.

Let’s rocket through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Josh Mathews and D’Lo Brown were on commentary. Mathews filled in for Matt Striker.

Scott D’Amore welcomed Tony Khan to the Impact Zone. D’Amore wanted to consult Khan about adding Sami Callihan to the main event of Against All Odds on June 12. Don Callis came out to pitch his case to keep it singles action for Kenny Omega to defend his Impact World Championship against Moose. D’Amore officially declared that it would be Omega versus Moose at Against All Odds with the winner wrestling Callihan at Slammiversary on July 17. Khan added that Omega versus Moose will take place at AEW’s Daily’s Place venue.

Backstage, Callis instructed the Good Brothers to eliminate Callihan. He offered a bounty. D’Amore overheard and made a tag team street fight for Against All Odds. The Good Brothers would fight Callihan and a partner of his choosing.

Brian Myers mentored Sam Beale with lesson two on how to be a professional. They went over promos. Beale tried to put his opponent over so he would look better after winning. Myers corrected Beale to cut down and insult his opponent instead.

D’Amore was upset about Callis’ bounty. Callihan didn’t trust D’Amore about the street fight, since there was no way anybody would team with him. Tommy Dreamer stepped in to insert himself as Callihan’s partner. The common bond is fighting for what they believe in. D’Amore was annoyed at Dreamer waving his finger with a warning that Callis is the enemy of Impact.

Rosemary defeated Havok. If Havok won, she would have been added to the Knockouts Championship match of Rosemary versus Deonna Purrazzo at Against All Odds. Rosemary opened with two spears, but Havok rebounded to smash Rosemary. Rosemary hit a third spear later then won with a fourth spear.

After the match, Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan attacked Rosemary and Havok. Purrazzo locked in a double armbar to Rosemary. Susan demanded that Lee’s match against Tasha Steelz take place next.

Tasha Steelz defeated Kimber Lee. Steelz prevailed in the competitive affair by ducking a head kick then pinning Lee on a sitdown suplex driver.

After the match, Kiera Hogan and Steelz brawled with Purrazzo and Susan. Rosemary and Havok returned to beat everyone up. Rosemary hit her butterfly buttbuster finisher on Purrazzo. The final blow was a double chokeslam to Hogan. Chemistry was teased between Rosemary and Havok as potential future tag team title contenders.

Maclin (aka Steve Cutler) delivered his first promo in Impact. His back is against the wall. It is do or die. Maclin will meet Mr. Mayhem, or his opponent will.

Ace Austin is confident that he will win the five-way X-Division #1 contender match at Against All Odds. Josh Alexander was ready to be a fighting champion.

Petey Williams & Trey Miguel defeated Chris Bey & Rohit Raju. Trey secured the win with an Hour Glass submission to Rohit.

After the match, Austin and Madman Fulton rushed the ring. Alexander ran in for the save. Everyone took turns teaming up on Fulton. Williams hit an assisted super Canadian Destroyer to the big man.

Tenille Dashwood invited Rachael Ellering to host Dashwood’s talk show. Jordynne Grace crashed the party to sit by Ellering’s side. Ellering was annoyed with Dashwood’s repeated advances about forming a tag team. She is firm partners with Grace. That led to a singles bout between Grace and Dashwood for Against All Odds.

Violent by Design feel like the odds have been stacked against them since day one, but they have overcome to be tag team champs. Eric Young is putting his faith in Deaner to defend the titles with Rhino. Joe Doering is going to make his mark in a match against Eddie Edwards. Doering will then move on to ridding Satoshi Kojima of his physical gifts at Against All Odds.

Eddie Edwards defeated Joe Doering. Edwards had momentum when Deaner hooked his foot running the ropes for a suicide dive. The referee caught the interference and called for the bell. Rhino and Deaner stomped Edwards in the corner. Kojima ran in for the save to clothesline Doering out of the ring.

Moose spoke about the Impact World Championship. The honor of winning that belt has eluded him to date, but he learned from his loss to Rich Swann. Moose will accomplish his ultimate goal against Omega at Against All Odds.

Impact hyped Against All Odds with plenty of chaos, as a go-home show should. The full card was completed, and various skirmishes added intensity to the upcoming contest. Impact’s Against All Odds event will air on the Impact Plus app at 8 pm ET on Saturday, June 12.

The closing angle with W. Morrissey and Rich Swann achieved it’s goal for heated hatred. I really like how there are no hints to project the winner at Against All Odds. I could see the result going to either man. Poor Willie Mack though. It feels like he is the constant punching bag for Swann’s feuds to run over. Mack needs a feud of his own where he can stand tall in the end.

I’m not a fan of Joe Doering taking a DQ loss. He hasn’t competed enough in Impact for losses not to matter yet. Doering still has a monster aura that should be respected, especially right before his prime bout with Satoshi Kojima.

Rosemary and Havok had a nice slugfest. I doubt Rosemary dethrones Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Championship, so I’m looking forward to a potential tag title feud alongside Havok. Both of their characters have perfect chemistry together.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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