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Tommy Dreamer is worried about his health after becoming ‘deathly ill’ from COVID-19

Tommy Dreamer spent an entire episode of his House of Hardcore podcast providing a firsthand account of his struggles with COVID-19. The embedded video above includes his full story about everything he experienced over the last month. Below, I have included many excerpts where he describes how deathly ill he felt.

Dreamer became infected in Alaska, where he traveled for a wrestling show. He realized he made a huge mistake when he was doing an autograph signing and noticed that so many people weren’t wearing masks. More than a dozen wrestlers associated with that show became infected with COVID.

When Tommy told other wrestlers that he had COVID, he was shocked at how many of them told him that they also had it, but never brought it up before. He says the wrestlers have a responsibility to the locker room to make better decisions with respect to COVID. So here he is explaining exactly what he went through:

“This is day 24 for me, since I’ve been exposed to COVID...and I’ve never been sicker in my life.”

“At about five o’clock I started not feeling right...I just had to lay down. And then the sickness kicked in. When I talk about pain in my head, it was unbearable. And I’m pretty tough...It felt like I had a massive concussion, and this nonstop throbbing pain in my head, I had it for 17 days. Which is a long ass time to feel pain in your head, to feel like you have a concussion.”

“Then came the fevers...up to like 102, 102.3, 102.4 and I was just like, ‘I can’t deal.’...So I had that for about seven days. The chills. The chills were at one point, I remember having four winter blankets on me and I felt like I was outside, naked in the snow. Shivering uncontrollably. That was for about four days.”

“Sweats. I would be freezing for hours, like two to three hours, and then here comes the sweats...having to change the sheets literally looked like if you took a shower and walked from your shower and then laid in your bed, of how much I’d be sweating. That lasted for about 16 to 17 days as well. Weakness and fatigue - next level.”

“I was laying in bed, and I was in so much physical pain, where everything in my body hurt...that I literally said I’m just gonna pee myself, because I can’t get up to walk to my bathroom. And it’s probably, tops, 15 steps. I just was that sick. That went on for a while.”

“There was one day...I was so sick, and like chills, sweating, and I just basically said, I said a prayer to God. And I thought that was it. I thought it was over for me, because I have never been so sick. And I did say like, hey I lived a great life, and I just don’t want this for my family. I don’t want to die like this...”

“One night I’m sleeping...I woke up crying in pain. My elbows and my hips felt like they were on fire. And I’ve been on fire, so I know what that feels like. It was this raging pain...burning in both my elbows and hips...and no matter which way I turned, I lost the use of both of my arms. They were just hanging. My hips, I couldn’t lay in bed...I had to stand for two hours against a wall. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t do was no pain like I’ve never experienced before.”

“It’s just this non stop cycle of crap. Speaking of crap, yes, diarrhea...still have it, 24 days of whatever I eat comes right through me.”

“This pain in my leg, it just shot into my leg, where you know if you ever get a pain in your calf, brutal. But it was like a pain I’ve never had before...listen, I got hit so hard in my balls that I had to have them drained, and I had to go the hospital, and it knocked me wasn’t as much pain that was going on in my leg...Next looks like someone shot my leg with a blue paintball, and it’s puffy and it’s raised...and now I have a spider vein all around it...I have a varicose vein on the back of my leg. So whatever this disease is has affected my veins. I still have this massive blue thing on my leg...I am concerned about my leg.”

“I infected Beulah and I infected my daughter. My daughter woke up one day and she had no taste or smell. As any parent would know, it bothered the hell out of me because I gave that to her. And now she’s sick. She had a bad cough. I never had the cough. And the other part was Beulah. Beulah got very, very ill. It settled in her lungs. She had a horrible cough. Her cough sounds like she smoked a carton of cigarettes a day. She never smoked a cigarette or anything else in her life...”

“I was on the fence about getting vaccinated. But I will get vaccinated now ‘cause I don’t ever want to be this sick...I won’t wrestle for indies until I’m fully vaccinated, and then I have to know that at least the person I’m wrestling with has been vaccinated and/or tested negative for COVID within a day, or else I’m just not gonna do it.”

“I wake up every morning and I have to go to the bathroom and wash my eyes because I have this goop and goo, like I have pink eye. I don’t have pink eye, but every morning I have to wake up like that...this is a new thing. All new things, all because of COVID.”

“I don’t want anyone to go through this. I know we’ve all lost people, and I’m just trying to make it more aware. And I want people to realize that it only takes one person to spread this and it isn’t going to go away. And I know the world is going to be opening up so I would say I guess we have to get vaccinated, but you also have to be responsible. Promoters have to be responsible...”

“For those non believers, I’m trying to tell you that this shit exists...For wrestlers, you have to be more responsible. If you’re wrestling on every Monday, or Tuesday, or Friday you need to be more’ll have a ton of time in your life to that responsible person so you don’t get hit with COVID.”

“I’m worried about my health.”

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