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Impact recap & reactions: W. Morrissey stole the show with another emotional promo

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Impact Wrestling (May 27, 2021) featured W. Morrissey with a passionate promo, Jordynne Grace’s continuing role as a non-factor, and Kenny Omega’s goons playing divide and conquer.

The top moment on the show was W. Morrissey sitting down for a chat with Gia Miller. He delivered a heck of a promo culminating with a humorous surprise.

Morrissey took exception to the idea that she was happy to interview him. Morrissey was riled up about how so many in the industry bury people behind their back. In response to accusations of being bitter, Morrissey views it more as being realistic. Every time he has fallen, people kicked him when he was down. When Morrissey had a seizure in the ring, fans recorded it to post on YouTube. They laughed at him and nobody reached out. When Morrissey returned to the spotlight, those same people cheered only so they could try to use him later.

Morrissey went on to accuse Rich Swann of not being a real friend with Willie Mack. He believed that Swann only made the save to earn adulation from fans to boost his ego. Swann is no different than those that did Morrissey wrong. When Morrissey was at his lowest point, they laughed. And they laughed AND THEY LAUGHED AND THEY LAUGHED!!! Morrissey regained composure from his outburst of anger. Who’s laughing now?

Boom! Swann kicked Morrissey in the face. Swann tried to choke the big man with a wire until security separated them.

That was a great scene. The timing was excellent. Morrissey stared into the camera just long enough to make it feel like the segment was over. That helped Swann’s attack feel so unexpected. Morrissey’s emotion had me captivated, then Swann’s surprise kick made me laugh out loud. My chuckling turned out to be an ironic response after Morrissey’s gripe with people laughing at his pain. It was also exciting to see Swann get payback for Morrissey’s ambush last week. This feud is hot.

Following up on another intriguing story from the Impact Zone, Jordynne Grace is sinking deeper and deeper as a non-factor. After last week’s show when Rachael Ellering defeated Grace, Rosemary needed a 5th partner for a 10-women tag. She approached Ellering with a request. Grace happened to be standing there, but Rosemary had no interest in Grace.

When it came time for the big match, Taylor Wilde had gone missing. That meant Rosemary’s team needed a substitute. Grace reluctantly agreed after encouraging from Ellering.

The result was positive despite Grace being a non-factor. Rosemary, Havok, Tenille Dashwood, Rachael Ellering, & Jordynne Grace defeated Deonna Purrazzo, Kiera Hogan, Tasha Steelz, Kimber Lee, & Susan. Grace had communication issues working double teams with Ellering.

Grace also tried to protect a pinfall for Ellering, but Fire ‘n’ Flava double superkicked her backward falling down to accidentally break up Ellering’s cover.

In the end, the match broke down and Rosemary pinned Purrazzo on a butterfly buttbuster. Rosemary was later awarded a title shot at Purrazzo and the Knockouts Championship for Against All Odds on June 12.

Let’s rocket through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Josh Mathews and D’Lo Brown were on commentary. Mathews filled in for Matt Striker.

Sami Callihan started the broadcast with a promo in the ring. He is tired of Kenny Omega’s bull crap. The Good Brothers cost him the #1 contender spot, because he is dangerous. You can plan for guys like Rich Swann and Moose, but you can’t plan for the unpredictable Death Machine. Callihan called out Omega.

Moose answered the call to run his mouth at Callihan. Moose warned Callihan to stay out of his business against Omega at Against All Odds on June 12. Callihan questioned why the Good Brothers interfered with Callihan and not Moose. It is because the Death Machine is unsafe.

Out came the Good Brothers. They supported Moose in this quarrel, however, Moose did not support them. Moose knocked them out of the ring.

That skirmish led to EVP Don Callis making a main event tag match, Good Brothers versus Moose & Callihan.

EVP Scott D’Amore appreciated Callis finally pitching in on the workload. Callis cut the conversation short to help Kenny Omega get ready for something special. (Whatever Callis had in mind for Omega, it did not take place on this episode.)

TJP & Fallah Bahh defeated Josh Alexander & Petey Williams. Bahh flattened Alexander with a Samoan drop then TJP followed with a mamba splash to win.

D’Amore booked a 60-minute Iron Man match between Josh Alexander and TJP with the X-Division Championship on the line. That match will take place next week on the BTI pre-show and carry over to finish on Impact Wrestling.

A very good hype video played for the relationship between Rohit Raju and Jake Something. That feud will finish in a tables match.

Satoshi Kojima debut. Eric Young explained the plot for Violent by Design to win the tag titles last week. It was all by design that they used Rhino’s Call Your Shot trophy on a team that is leaving the country. It is by design that FinJuice won’t be able to get their rematch. Kojima interrupted to make his debut appearance in Impact. The NJPW legend entered the ring to call out Joe Doering for Against All Odds on June 12.

Matt Cardona will be out of action for 12 weeks due to a fractured orbital bone from Brian Myers’ assault last week. Myers walked through the scene to complain. Sam Beale was in the room as well. Myers decided to mentor Beale on how to be a professional.

Joe Doering officially accepted Kojima’s challenge. Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus walked through, so Violent by Design had words with them.

Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus defeated Johnny Swinger & Hernandez. Alisha Edwards was ringside as a Swingerella. Taurus took out Hernandez with a slingshot plancha. Steve hit a flying DDT to pin Swinger.

Callis emphasized that the Good Brothers goal is to make sure Callihan and Moose remain divided.

Good Brothers defeated Moose & Sami Callihan. Moose and Callihan traded aggressive tags then traded pump kicks to each other. Good Brothers took advantage for a Magic Killer on Callihan. After the match, Moose speared Callihan into oblivion with a warning to stay out of his business.

This was a building blocks episode. Impact Wrestling set up two title matches and other directions for Against All Odds. It also touched on longer stories toward Slammiversary.

The main event dilemma was predictable, but it lays the foundation for future twists and turns. I believe Kenny Omega will retain the Impact World Championship against Moose on June 12, and it also seems evident that Callihan will challenge Omega at Slammiversary. It will be interesting to see all this drama wrap back around. Callihan can’t beat Omega with the Good Brothers looming. Perhaps he’ll receive assistance from an unlikely ally in Moose. Or not. Being unsure in how the story will unfold is part of the fun as a fan.

Impact is doing a very good job of creating stories. There is no wasted moment. Things that seem insignificant turn out to be part of an angle. For example, Sam Beale has been a random jabrone and now he is starting a story as the protege of Brian Myers. All of Beale’s appearances paid off in exposure to establish him as needing a mentor. There is also the story of Jordynne Grace’s fall from grace. It didn’t take center stage this week, but it was touched on enough to keep that story interesting.

That’s not to say everything is on that level of detail. Impact used the weak move of pinning the singles champ in tag action to earn a title shot. They did that twice in one show. Stuff like that is easier to accept when there is so much else going on.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?