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Impact recap & reactions: W. Morrissey is a master at ambushes

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Impact Wrestling (May 20, 2021) featured fallout from Under Siege. It was a very newsworthy episode with a surprise tag title change, the Forbidden Door opening for a NJPW legend, a promo battle between Kenny Omega and Moose, and a Slammiversary new talent teaser.

There are two other stories that deserve attention as well. One is a new feud percolating between W. Morrissey and Rich Swann. At Under Siege, the former Impact champ made his return to save pal Willie Mack from a post-match beatdown by Morrissey. On Impact Wrestling, Swann shared his thoughts on the situation then was met with a perfectly-timed ambush boot to the face from Morrissey.

For a man that is 7-feet tall, you’d think it would be easy to see him coming. Since Morrissey’s attack took Swann by complete surprise, that just goes to show Morrissey is a true master of the ambush tactic.

The other story is continuing drama of Jordynne Grace’s losing streak. It is not officially recognized as a streak, but she has been on the bottom of several pinfalls in her most important matches as of late. Fire ‘n’ Flava regained the Knockouts tag titles at Under Siege when Grace took the pin.

After the tag title loss, Rachael Ellering wanted to get back in the ring. Grace agreed and left to see what she could arrange with Scott D’Amore.

Later, Grace returned with news of a match... against each other. Grace was matter-of-fact and casual, while Ellering was confused.

The contest was extremely competitive. The finish came down to Ellering besting Grace on a sequence of roll-up counters to earn the win. Grace showed good sportsmanship to shake Ellering’s hand, then Grace exited alone.

Grace has been a non-factor lately. She was on top of the world as Knockouts Champion, then Deonna Purrazzo entered the scene to reign supreme. Grace hasn’t been the same since losing that feud. It is also interesting to think how her fortunes could be different if not for weaselly Rohit Raju. She defeated him in an open X-Division challenge, then he claimed it was a non-title affair. That’s when she shifted gears to the tag division.

Let’s rocket through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

The broadcast was dedicated to the memory of New Jack.

Rohit Raju defeated Jake Something. Jake had Rohit up for a suplex, then Shera grabbed Jake’s foot causing Rohit to fall on top for the pin.

After the match, Jake lost his cool and battered Shera from pillar to post. The final blow was a spear through a table.

Taylor Wilde didn’t come back to Impact to be on tag matches. She is gunning for the Knockouts Championship. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb Konley were eavesdropping. Dashwood has a singles match with Kiera Hogan. If she can win, then that should put them in line for a tag title shot. Wilde declined. She only wants to focus on singles action and also doesn’t like how they cheat.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Kiera Hogan. Kaleb Konley and Tasha Steelz were ringside. Dashwood ducked a superkick and won via roll-up.

After the match, Steelz attacked. Konley tried to restrain her, then Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan ran down to stomp Dashwood. That led to Taylor Wilde coming for the save. They were still outnumbered, so Havok entered to clean house on the meanies. As Purrazzo’s crew tried to escape, their exit was cut off on stage by Rosemary and her boys. Purrazzo, Lee, and Susan ran away through the side instead.

NJPW legend Satoshi Kojima is coming to Impact next week.

FinJuice was ready to defend the Impact tag titles against Ace Austin & Madman Fulton in the main event. After that, they plan on returning to Japan to defend the belts against top competition.

Petey Williams defeated VSK. Maple Leaf Muscle pulled out a Canadian Destroyer for victory.

TJP went on a hot streak at Swinger’s Palace casino. Fallah Bahh was paying off his gambling debt as a Swingerella. TJP won Bahh’s freedom. TJP badmouthed teaming with Petey Williams, so Williams proposed a tag match with Josh Alexander against those two. Also, Rosemary and Decay transported in. Swinger put Hernandez on bouncer duty to eject them. Rosemary took the hint and transported her crew into a different realm.

Professional wrestling god vs. God of pro wrestling. Moose and Kenny Omega had their first promo battle heading toward the Impact title match at Against All Odds on June 12. Moose viewed it as titans clashing, but he is more in the role of Zeus. Omega interrupted with Don Callis by his side. Callis pointed out Moose’s lack of success when it matter most in title bouts. Moose had enough and threatened to stick Callis’ head up Omega’s butt. Omega taunted Moose about the effectiveness of the One Winged Angel. Tensions escalated. The Good Brothers came down. Light out, lights on. Sami Callihan had a bat in hand to even the odds. Omega and his posse retreated.

Backstage, Moose and Callihan still dislike each other. Callihan clarified that he only acted out of his own self-interest. He is coming for the winner.

Brian Myers was in a bad mood again. He attacked Matt Cardona backstage.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: FinJuice defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton. Back and forth affair with FinJuice getting the better of the big man in the end. They double-teamed Fulton to set up Juice Robinson hitting an inverted double underhook facebuster for the win. Finjuice retained the titles.

The show did not end there.

Eric Young and Violent by Design came to the ring to cash in Rhino’s Call Your Shot Trophy as a surprise. Rhino teamed with Joe Doering.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Rhino & Joe Doering defeated FinJuice. It was a quick contest with Rhino and Doering prevailing with power to become the new champs. Doering sealed the deal with a hefty clothesline to pin Robinson.

The program closed with a Slammiversary teaser with hints at signing free agents.

The fallout episode of Impact Wrestling delivered strong. There were a ton of stories and new directions evolving. Impact also added a nice swerve with the Call Your Shot trophy.

Rhino and Joe Doering as tag champs is a pleasant surprise. I’m partial to the duo, because I really enjoy the powerhouse hoss style. Those two beasts add a new wrinkle to the tag division. I hope they get a decent run. When the time comes, two teams come to mind for top challenges. I’d love to see Rich Swann with Willie Mack or the return of Alex Shelley to join Chris Sabin as possibilities to dethrone the champs.

Jordynne Grace’s story has me puzzled in a good way. I have no idea which direction it will lead. Grace could turn heel, but there’s no upward trajectory. Turning a talent like Grace to the dark side should result in reaching the mountaintop, however, Deonna Purrazzo is currently blocking that path as Knockouts Champion. I am very curious how Grace’s story pays off.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?