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Impact regains tag titles from NJPW champs

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Impact has been in somewhat of a pickle with two of their top championships held by outsiders. AEW’s Kenny Omega is the Impact World Champion, and NJPW’s FinJuice had their hands on the Impact World Tag Team Championship. Emphasis on had. Eric Young showed up at the end of Impact Wrestling (May 20, 2021) with a surprise up his sleeve leading to a tag title change.

Earlier in the evening, FinJuice was ready for their date in the main event to defend the Impact tag straps. David Finlay and Juice Robinson planned to take the titles back to Japan again after they won. They also name-dropped several top names from NJPW. FinJuice was confident in knocking down those challenges then returning to Impact to show that they are the best tag team in professional wrestling.

FinJuice talked a big game and backed it up against Ace Austin & Madman Fulton. Robinson pinned Fulton via inverted double underhook facebuster to retain the Impact tag titles.

In a shocking twist, Violent by Design came to the ring. Eric Young’s quartet cashed in Rhino’s Call Your Shot Trophy for an impromptu tag title match.

Rhino won that prize at last year’s Bound for Glory. The original plan was to use it with Heath, but Heath was sidelined with a serious injury. Later, Rhino saw the light and joined Violent by Design.

Joe Doering was Rhino’s partner for this extra main event bout.

FinJuice couldn’t handle their opponents’ power. A running crossbody by Doering took down FinJuice. Rhino hit a Gore spear on Finlay. Doering flattened Robinson with a vicious clothesline. 1, 2, 3. Rhino and Doering are the new tag champs in Impact. FinJuice’s title reign lasted 68 days.

How do rate that surprise to close the show? Do you like the call for FinJuice to lose in that manner? Do you think Rhino and Joe Doering have what it takes to become one of the best tag teams in the world?