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W. Morrissey sets up major feud with returning Impact superstar

W. Morrissey’s first feud in Impact just picked up major steam. He planned to make an example out of Willie Mack at Under Siege, but it unexpectedly led to a tougher test in former Impact World Champion Rich Swann.

Mack came to fight. He had no interest in being Morrissey’s stepping stone. Mack put in his mouthpiece ready, willing, and able. As soon as the bell rang, he charged across the ring with heavy blows to have Morrissey reeling in the corner. Mack followed by climbing the turnbuckles to punch with fury. Morrissey shoved Mack down to the mat then blasted him with a hefty shoulder tackle.

Mack kept at his hit and move strategy to overwhelm Morrissey. Mack’s aggressiveness backfired when he landed a headbutt, and the impact stunned him more than his opponent. As Mack was dazed, Morrissey seized control with a big boot to knock Mack tumbling out of the ring. Chocolate Thunder took a hard spill hitting his head on the floor.

Morrissey took advantage by dishing out measured punishment for an extended period of time. The big man used punches to the temple, kicks, clotheslines, and chokes. Morrissey dropped hard elbows down onto the back of Mack’s head and neck. Mack began twitching due to the contact.

Mack eventually found his second wind to rally by countering a headlock into a stunner. Mack clobbered Morrissey with three straight clothesline, but the big man was still on his feet. A spinning kick sent Morrissey back into the corner. Mack followed with a Stinger splash dropping Morrissey down to one knee. A flying clothesline finally put Morrissey down onto the mat, however, Morrissey kicked out at 1 on the cover.

Morrissey used the ropes to get back up to his feet. Mack ran the ropes ducking clotheslines twice then leapt into the air for a crossbody, but Morrissey caught him for the East River Crossing swinging side slam. Instead of going for the pin, Morrissey set up a brutal running boot to the back of Mack’s head. That move earned the win for Morrissey.

After the match, Morrissey added insult to injury by mounting Mack to unload more punches. Morrissey picked up a chair, and that’s when Rich Swann returned to the Impact Zone. He hadn’t been seen since losing the Impact World Championship to Kenny Omega. Swann was too slick and connected with a spinning kick. Swann low-roped Morrissey out of the ring.

Impact isn’t wasting any time putting Morrissey into a major feud. Rich Swann is their A player. We’ll find out very quickly if Morrissey can sink or swim in Impact.

Are you excited to see W. Morrissey feud with Rich Swann?

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