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Impact Under Siege preview: Who will become Kenny Omega’s next challenger?

Impact Wrestling is back with another special event tonight (May 15, 2021) at 8 pm ET on the Impact Plus app. The prime bouts for Under Siege are triple champ Kenny Omega in trios action and his next challenger for the Impact World Championship being determined in a six-way showdown. Under Siege will also feature three title bouts and W. Morrissey (fka Big Cass) in singles action.

Let’s break down Under Siege with previews and predictions for the full card.

Kenny Omega & Good Brothers vs. Eddie Edwards & FinJuice

When Kenny Omega was forced to appear in the Impact Zone after winning the Impact World Championship, he just so happened to arrive during the main event match between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan. Omega and the Good Brothers destroyed the match and Edwards in the process. FinJuice won the Impact tag titles off the Good Brothers and also won the rematch, but it appears the feud is not over yet.

X-Factor: Don Callis and Kenny the kendo stick. Callis has shown he has no problem saving Omega from harm during a match. That’s where Kenny the kendo stick may come in. Edwards has an equalizer in case Omega has any illegal tricks up his sleeve.

Prediction: Dirty Omega and the boys. There’s no story value for them to lose. FinJuice has already proven themselves superior to the Good Brothers, and another win by FinJuice greatly diminishes the Good Brothers’ competitive credibility. Edwards is out of world championship contention for the near future. A win would be important for him personally, but he’s not pinning Omega to jump the line for a title shot.

#1 contender six-way (world title): Sami Callihan vs. Matt Cardona vs. Chris Bey vs. Moose vs. Chris Sabin vs. Trey Miguel

Each man earned his spot through a qualifying bout. In terms of foreshadowing a winner, only Sami Callihan and Moose have story ties to Kenny Omega and the Impact World Championship. Both men want to bring the Impact World Championship back to Impact. Callihan may be dastardly, but he is a company man at the end of the day. Moose is motivated to claim the one treasure that has eluded his grasp for so long. Both men will go to extreme lengths to achieve their goals.

X-Factor: Chris Bey. Omega wrestling Callihan and Moose are big money matches in the Impact universe. It would not surprise me to save those matchups for PPV. That means an unexpected winner could surface to main event the Against All Odds Impact Plus special event on June 12. This would be the perfect time to let a younger star shine. I’m looking at Bey to get the rub with an awesome match against Omega.

Prediction: Moose. I just really want to see Moose versus Omega.

Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Havok

Deonna Purrazzo needed a challenger, so Havok stepped up to defeat Rosemary and become #1 contender. Havok also sent a message to the champ by tombstone piledriving her.

X-Factor: Chess versus checkers. Havok is a bruiser with a clear power advantage, however, she will be playing checkers on Purrazzo’s chess board. The Virtuosa is a master of strategy and adept at wearing down her opponent to lock in the Venus de Milo double armbar.

Prediction: Purrazzo retains via armbreaker.

X-Division Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. El Phantasmo

Representing NJPW and the Bullet Club, El Phantasmo debuted with style. He was quickly placed into a #1 contender scramble match and emerged victorious.

X-Factor: Heart. When it comes down to it, Alexander values the X-Division Championship more than Phantasmo. This is Alexander’s time to shine. For Phantasmo, it seems like the title is just another shiny trinket for him to win and stick in his closet. That may be the difference when the going gets tough. Alexander will dig deeper to keep what he has worked so hard to attain.

Prediction: Alexander retains using Canadian Strong Style. As much as I want to see NJPW win another of Impact’s titles, this title run is Alexander’s proving ground to move to the next level.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering (c) vs. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

Fire ‘n’ Flava have taken great joy in toying with Jordynne Grace. When Grace was handed a tag title shot opportunity, Jazz decided to honor her word and retire. Jazz picked a suitable replacement though. Enter Rachael Ellering. Grace & Ellering won the tag titles from Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz at Rebellion. Now, it is rematch time.

X-Factor: Non-factor. Fire ‘n’ Flava believe Grace is a non-factor. They proved it when Steelz defeated Grace in singles action. Grace’s ego and pride may interfere with proper teamwork just so she can prove a point. If so, then that will play right into the hands of Fire ‘n’ Flava.

Prediction: Hogan and Steelz regain the gold. In the aftermath, I think Grace finally loses her cool and beats up her partner. Her frustration has been boiling under the surface for several months.

#1 contender four-way (tag titles): Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. TJP & Petey Williams vs. XXXL vs. Rohit Raju & Shera

This bout was pieced together in Swinger’s Palace casino.

X-Factor: Pinoy Pump. We’ve seen Petey Williams as Maple Leaf Muscle and Little Petey Pump, but we’ve never seen him as Pinoy Pump. Will Williams have any special tricks up his sleeve with the new moniker?

Prediction: Austin & Fulton win. They have the most potential to become champs with the big man, little man and power, speed dynamics.

W. Morrissey vs. Willie Mack

W. Morrissey (fka Big Cass) made a surprise debut to replace Eric Young at Impact’s Rebellion PPV last month. He pinned Willie Mack to win an 8-man tag. Now, Mack is looking to get his win back.

X-Factor: I got nothing. It should be a straightforward match.

Prediction: W. Morrissey wins. The big man has one distinct edge over Mack. He is 7-feet tall, and you can’t teach that.

Brian Myers vs. Black Taurus

Brian Myers was in a bad mood backstage after losing to Matt Cardona. He was making a mess, then Rosemary showed up on a table. She was riddling with fortune-teller cards, and thus the feud began.

X-Factor: Myers’ ingenuity. When Myers competed against Crazzy Steve, Myers doped the referee into ejecting Taurus from ringside by faking a flop from contact. Myers then pinned Steve with his feet on the ropes. Myers is the most professional wrestler in Impact and the most professional cheater as well.

There is also this major scoop from George Iceman believing Rosemary put a curse on Myers. Who knows how that could affect Myers in the ring. That theory relates to recent ghosts in the Impact Zone.

For what it is worth, Rosemary responded, “If it was us, we would be bragging about it, Fool.. we’ve never hidden what we are from these humans.”

Prediction: Black Taurus wins. Myers already played his hand by tricking the referee, so I don’t anticipate him being able to operate a sequel with Rosemary and Crazzy Steve ringside. I believe paranoia in being outnumbered and Rosemary’s mind games will make Myers ripe to be stampeded.

Kimber Lee & Susan vs. Taylor Wilde & Tenille Dashwood

Taylor Wilde has her eye on the Knockouts Championship. Since Deonna Purrazzo possess that gold, Kimber Lee and Susan have stepped up to protect the Virtuosa. The story on the other end is Tenille Dashwood being grateful for Wilde choosing to return by saving her against Purrazzo’s thugs. Wilde did it to make a statement, but Dashwood believes Wilde is destined to become her tag partner.

X-Factor: Su Yung. Susan will eventually turn back into Su Yung. The question is when. If it happens at Under Siege, then Lee better run away immediately. That doesn’t mean Wilde and Dashwood would be safe. Su could violently destroy them en route to victory.

Prediction: Taylor Wilde & Tenille Dashwood win. I think Wilde will get the call against Purrazzo at Slammiversary on July 17. That means she has to win at Under Siege to keep momentum hot. In the meantime, there is time for this tentative relationship to combust for a duel at Against All Odds on June 12.

Get in the mood for El Phantasmo’s X-Division title shot with a countdown of the 5 greatest X-Division debuts in Impact history.

5. Amazing Red
4. Petey Williams
3. Suicide
2. X-Division debut with AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, Jimmy Yang, Jorge Estrada, and Sonny Siaki
1. Samoa Joe

Share your predictions for Under Siege in the comments below. Which match do you think will steal the show?

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