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Impact recap & reactions: Sami Callihan has momentum to become Kenny Omega’s next challenger

Impact Wrestling (May 13, 2021) featured Sami Callihan gaining momentum to challenge Kenny Omega and #1 contenders being determined on the go-home show to Under Siege.

Kenny Omega’s next challenger for the Impact World Championship will be determined at the Under Siege event on May 15 airing the Impact Plus app. Sami Callihan, Matt Cardona, Chris Bey, Moose, Chris Sabin, and Trey Miguel all won qualifier matches to participate in a six-way #1 contender match. As wrestling booking is wont to do, a trios match was scheduled for the main event of Impact Wrestling with those six wrestlers. The sides were Callihan, Bey, and Moose against Cardona, Trey, and Sabin.

The good guys worked well as a team. For the bad guys, Bey did much of the work while Moose brought power. Callihan sort of milled in and out until the finish. The match broke down into a chaotic flurry of moves. The final dance was Callihan escaping from Sabin to hit a package piledriver for victory. Callihan had his hand raised as the victor.

The big question now is if Callihan can carry that momentum into Under Siege to emerge victorious in the #1 contender six-way. In my mind, Callihan and Moose are the most likely to win. They are the two biggest stars in the match, and both have stories revolving around Omega and the Impact World Championship.

Let’s rocket through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

Knockouts #1 contender: Havok defeated Rosemary. Rosemary had momentum after a spear, but Havok countered out of an inverted headlock to win the a tombstone piledriver. Havok earned the title shot against Deonna Purrazzo at Under Siege.

After the match, Purrazzo tried to pummel Havok. Bad move. Purrazzo tried to escape, but Rosemary and her Decay boys forced Purrazzo back into the ring. Havok sent a message to the champ with a tombstone piledriver.

Kenny Omega declared that he will be ringside to coach Karl Anderson to victory over David Finlay. Omega is the difference maker that the Good Brothers need to return to their winning ways.

X-Division #1 contender: El Phantasmo defeated Petey Williams, Acey Romero, TJP, Rohit Raju, and Ace Austin. That contest was a six-way scramble. Phantasmo won by escaping a Canadian Destroyer to pin Williams on a double hammerlock inverted back to belly forward slam. Phantasmo will receive his title shot against Josh Alexander at Under Siege.

Scott D’Amore granted Susan’s request for a tag match with Kimber Lee against Taylor Wilde and Tenille Dashwood. That will take place at Under Siege. Kimber was unaware of Susan’s plan.

Eric Young was frustrated with Violent by Design’s recent failures. He blames it on the sickness. Young will be starting a better, more righteous, more violent plan.

In Swinger’s Palace casino, wrestlers bickered about becoming #1 contender for the tag titles. That led to Ace Austin & Madman Fulton versus XXXL versus Rohit Raju & Shera versus TJP & Petey Williams in a four-way for Under Siege. Also, Alisha Edwards paid of her casino debts by becoming a Swingerella.

Willie Mack defeated Sam Beale. Mack clocked Beale with a pop-up forearm followed by a frog splash.

After the match, W. Morrissey ran in to beat up Mack. A big boot planted Mack on the mat.

David Finlay is bringing Juice Robinson and Eddie Edwards to watch his back. Edwards agreed that Omega is a difference maker, so he introduced Kenny the kendo stick as his own difference maker.

Tenille Dashwood returned with her All About Me talk show. She was the guest with host Taylor Wilde. Wilde didn’t like how Dashwood cheated in Wilde’s match last week. Wilde made it clear that they are not friends. Even though Wilde will tag with Dashwood at Under Siege, it is just a step toward wining the Knockouts Championship. Wilde isn’t interested in becoming an official tag team, but Dashwood still has hope.

David Finlay defeated Karl Anderson. Kenny Omega had been tripping Finlay throughout the match, so Finlay attacked with a slingshot plancha. When Finlay had Anderson trapped in an Indian Deathlock, Omega ran into the ring to interfere. Eddie Edwards cleared the ring with his friend, Kenny the kendo stick. The official result was a win for Finlay via DQ.

Chris Sabin had strong words for Moose about injuring James Storm. Sabin threatened payback in the six-man tag main event.

Jordynne Grace was disappointed about losing to Tasha Steelz on the pre-show. Rachael Ellering refocused the team back to keeping their tag titles at Under Siege. Use that anger to smash Fire ‘n’ Flava.

Brian Myers defeated Crazzy Steve. Myers faked being hit by Black Taurus to goad the referee into an ejection.

Myers was able to score the win by shedding off a DDT attempt then securing a roll-up with his feet on the ropes.

After the match, Taurus snuck up to smash Myers. Rosemary placed the card of death on Myers’ chest.

Before the main event, D’Amore spoke with Callis about shirking EVP duties. D’Amore was upset about Callis riling up Moose. The result was an injury to James Storm. Callis was only trying to fire up Moose as a big star, but D’Amore wasn’t buying it. D’Amore cautioned that Callis needs to choose Impact or Omega.

After the main event, Don Callis was shown backstage watching the match on TV. It appeared as if he had genuine concern about Omega having to potentially wrestle Callihan in the future.

That was an action-packed episode of Impact Wrestling. Rosemary and Havok exceeded my expectations with their physicality. Havok’s beast mode had been downplayed for a bit while in the tag division, but it was on full display here. I still think Deonna Purrazzo uses her wits to outmaneuver Havok, but Havok’s performance against Rosemary has made me intrigued about a possible title change.

The X-Division #1 contender match delivered with crazy spots. El Phantasmo’s rope-walking Death Valley Driver was very cool. Despite TJP helping Phantasmo balance along the way, the idea was still creative.

I’m split on who to root for in the X-Division title match. On one hand, Josh Alexander is a stud and needs more time as champ to establish himself as a singles competitor. On the other hand, I’m extremely curious to see how Impact reacts if another title is won by an outsider in NJPW’s Phantasmo. I kind of want to see how the story would play out if Impact loses all their belts to outsiders.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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