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Impact recap & reactions: Round two of the mystery Knockout tease is totally Taylor Wilde

Impact Wrestling (Apr. 8, 2021) featured clearer clues for the mystery Knockout, a potential path for the return of Su Yung, Brian Myers accepting Matt Cardona’s challenge, Tommy Dreamer booking wild matches for Hardcore Justice, and Rich Swann leading the way in victory over Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers in Impact’s move to Thursday nights.

The Hardcore Justice card and Rich Swann’s win have already been covered, but there are some other interesting tidbits to go over from Impact Wrestling.

Impact teased a mystery vignette last week. They came back with a second round and all signs point to Taylor Wilde. We can see the back of her blonde head, “Let’s get Wilde,” written with lipstick on the mirror, and the same catchphrase filling in the blanks from the initial teaser.

Wilde will be coming soon to the Impact Zone in April. Odds are that she will be in the Knockouts title hunt quite quickly, but she’ll have to wait in line. Deonna Purrazzo has a date with Jazz on Hardcore Justice. That event will also have a #1 contender weapons scramble. There is a possibility that Wilde crashes that match to earn a shot at Purrazzo for the Rebellion PPV on April 25.

In another Knockouts development, Su Yung may soon return. The alter ego Susan suffered a big blow to the head during her match with Jazz on the BTI pre-show.

During the main show, Susan was groggy then had a Su moment when the doctor came to check up.

Susan is scheduled to compete in the #1 contender weapons scramble at Hardcore Justice. All that violence might be what causes Su Yung to emerge from the vessel of Susan.

The Rebellion PPV card is taking shape. It was announced that Ace Austin will defend the X-Division Championship against TJP and Josh Alexander. Another match added to the show was Brian Myers versus Matt Cardona.

Last week, Myers declined Cardona’s offer to settle their feelings in the ring. Cardona was relieved. He never really wanted to fight Myers in the first place.

It appears that Myers has had a change of mind. Myers decided to interfere in Cardona’s match against Jake Something. He flatlined Cardona on the ramp then smashed Jake’s head into the ring steps causing ocular trauma. Myers then accepted Cardona’s previous challenge for Rebellion.

The Major Brothers will explode. The former Curt Hawkins versus the former Zack Ryder is official.

The card for Rebellion on April 25 currently stands at:

  • Impact World Championship vs. AEW World Championship: Rich Swann vs. Kenny Omega
  • Impact Tag Team Championship: FinJuice (c) vs. Good Brothers
  • X-Division Championship: Ace Austin (c) vs. TJP vs. Josh Alexander
  • Brian Myers vs. Matt Cardona

Let’s rocket through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

Rosemary, Jordynne Grace, & Havok defeated Tenille Dashwood, Nevaeh, & Alisha Edwards. Former friends Nevaeh and Havok went through a table.

Rosemary picked up the pieces to pin Edwards off the Red Wedding finisher.

XXXL mocked Trey Miguel’s struggle with passion for being too cowardly to join Sami Callihan in their tag team match.

Eric Young sent out Deaner alone for his match. Deaner accepted the consequences of failure, and now he needs to seize opportunity. Young has faith that Deaner will not fail. He understands that Deaner understands there will be severe consequences for another failure. Deaner will go out and show that this world belongs to Violent by Design.

Sami Callihan & Trey Miguel defeat XXXL. Trey answered the call more to fight XXXL instead of joining Callihan. Trey had no interest in tagging Callihan into action, so Callihan resorted to tagging himself in. The duo bickered throughout then had a moment of unity for a pair of suicide dives.

Trey closed the win with the Hour Glass submission to Larry D. Trey stormed out of the ring instead of celebrating success with Callihan.

Chris Sabin, James Storm, and Chris Harris were in Swinger’s Palace casino losing money but having a good time. Sabin had a match, so Storm accompanied him. Storm told Harris to stay behind and win Beer Money. The joke was not appreciated by Harris, but they yucked it up in the end.

Chris Sabin defeated Deaner. Deaner tried to cheat but the referee caught him. Sabin won via Cradle Shock.

Afterward, Young showed up on the big screen. Repercussions were coming for Storm. The result of Deaner’s match was not important. It was only a trap. The camera panned out to show Harris bloodied at the hands of Joe Doering. Back in the ring, Rhino hit a Gore to Storm, and Deaner hit a DDT to Sabin. Young grabbed a chair with violent intentions for Harris, then the feed cut out.

Tommy Dreamer sensed the tension between Ace Austin, TJP, and Josh Alexander, so he booked a three-way tag bout for Hardcore Justice. Madman Fulton will be Ace’s man. TJP and Alexander get to choose their partners.

Dreamer also had a verbal exchange with Young. They talked themselves into Hardcore War for Hardcore Justice. Dreamer will find some friends to fight Young, Doering, Deaner, and Rhino.

Jazz discussed her professional wrestling path prior to putting her career on the line against Deonna Purrazzo at Hardcore Justice.

Purrazzo’s response was respect for Jazz setting the table for a Knockouts Division and her own career in wrestling. She will be building on the foundation laid by Jazz. The champ will be without Kimber Lee and Susan. No distractions. Purrazzo will retire Jazz.

Dreamer also booked Myers versus Jake in a blindfold hardcore match for Hardcore Justice.

Rich Swann, Willie Mack, & Eddie Edwards defeated Kenny Omega & Good Brothers. Swann was close to pinning Omega, but Don Callis pulled Swann’s foot to ruin the cover. Team Impact regrouped to destroy Karl Anderson. Swann pinned Anderson on a Phoenix splash.

Given that Hardcore Justice had only two matches before this episode of Impact Wrestling, the rest of the card came together nicely in ways that made sense for the storylines. It has some silly with the blindfold match, some serious with title versus career, and some violence with the Hardcore War. Adding surprise partners and the possibility of Su Yung should make for an intriguing event during a stacked weekend of wrestling.

Hardcore Justice airs at 3 pm ET on Saturday, April 10 through the Impact Plus app.

Violent by Design sure are dastardly fellows. What a bunch a mean men to take advantage of Harris like that. Young sold his plan of attack well. I was concerned Deaner would be on the outs after his inevitable loss to Sabin, however, Young only played that up as a trick. I understand that Young understands that Storm and Sabin did not understand that Deaner did understand. Do you understand? One other thing I understand is that payback will be sweet. I’m all aboard to see Storm, Sabin, and Harris get revenge.

On a parting note, Reno Scum has left the Impact Zone. Adam Thornstowe broke the news.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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