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Impact recap & reactions: Challengers line up for Deonna Purrazzo

Fresh off the Rebellion PPV where Kenny Omega won the Impact World Championship, Impact Wrestling (Apr. 29, 2021) featured W. Morrissey making his first Impact promo, qualifying matches to become #1 contender for Omega, as well as Impact threatening to strip Omega of the title.

While the Impact men have interesting stories cooking, the women’s division is also blossoming back up. Deonna Purrazzo has run through all contenders during her run with the Knockouts Championship. Just when it looked like she cleared out the division, intriguing challengers have started to line up.

At Rebellion, Purrazzo retained against Tenille Dashwood through nefarious methods. Afterward, Purrazzo and her cronies put the boots to Dashwood. That’s when former champ Taylor Wilde made her dramatic return to the Impact Zone. She saved Dashwood while making it clear she was coming for Purrazzo.

That message was clear to me, but apparently not so crystal for Dashwood. Wilde had to explain her motivations on Impact Wrestling. Dashwood assumed Wilde was there to be her partner for tag team gold. Wilde downed that notion and expressed her desire to win the Knockouts Championship. Dashwood couldn’t take the hint, so Wilde split in exasperation.

Wilde was scheduled for action against Kimber Lee, so Lee was keen on spoiling the moment of Wilde’s return. Lee wanted Purrazzo and Susan by her side, but Purrazzo declined in order to let Lee shine in the spotlight. When pressed by interviewer Gia Miller if Purrazzo was afraid of Wilde, the champ mouthed off about never backing down as two-time title-holder. Havok overheard, stepped up, and stared down Purrazzo.

Match time! Wilde made her return to Impact for in-ring action for the first time in over 10 years.

Wilde looked like she hasn’t lost a step. She went toe-to-toe with Lee flashing slick moves. In the end, Wilde capitalized on a missed flying senton from Lee. A Codebreaker led to a rolling Indian deathlock submission variation for victory.

After the match, Susan bashed Wilde. Dashwood ran out to assist Wilde in dispatching Susan. Wilde was kind of rude when rebuffing Dashwood’s well intentions.

Purrazzo now has challengers lined up for the Knockouts Championship. Havok has the power advantage to never be counted out from winning the belt. Wilde has the veteran savvy and hero energy to prevail against Purrazzo. Wilde looked great and should provide yet another quality contest for Purrazzo. In my opinion, there should also be a rematch for Dashwood in short order. She was screwed at Rebellion by Purrazzo’s cheating pals. If the same circumstance had happened to a babyface, a rematch would be ordered quickly. Credit to Impact for keeping Purrazzo’s run feeling fresh.

Let’s rocket through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

Impact wrestlers gathered in front of EVP Scott D’Amore’s office clamoring for the opportunity to bring the Impact World Championship back to the Impact Zone. D’Amore sent them to the ring with the promise that he will address this business. Once everyone left, it was then revealed by Don Callis that Kenny Omega would be doing his title celebration via Zoom. D’Amore was not happy about the champ phoning it in. He demanded that Omega appear in person to fulfill contractual obligations or else Omega would be stripped of the Impact title and suspended indefinitely from both Impact and AEW. Callis frantically put plans in place for Omega to arrive.

In the ring, D’Amore explained that Rich Swann would not be granted an automatic rematch due to the unique circumstances of title versus title. D’Amore sensed the overall mood of anger, so he wanted to give as much opportunity as possible for wrestlers to earn the #1 contender spot. There will be six qualifying matches to earn a spot in a six-way contest at Under Siege on May 15. If Omega doesn’t show up before this show concludes, then that six-way will become a title match to crown a new champion.

D’Amore started the qualifiers with Jake Something and the returning Chris Bey.

Chris Bey defeated Jake Something. Speed versus power. Jake had momentum with Bey woozy when Rohit Raju grabbed Jake’s foot as a simple distraction. That bought time for Bey to regroup and attack with a shotgun dropkick. Bey rolled Jake up with his feet on the rope for the win. Bey qualified for the #1 contender six-way at Under Siege.

Callis arranged a private jet for Omega. Sami Callihan warned Callis that he is coming to take the Impact belt from Omega.

Next week’s qualifiers will be Trey Miguel versus Rohit Raju, Moose versus James Storm, and Rhino versus Chris Sabin.

W. Morrissey (aka Big Cass) cut his first promo in Impact. His message was that the fans don’t really know the people behind the wrestler. The wrestling industry is full of bad people. The only difference between him and them is that he admits he’s bad. Morrissey dropped the mic and attacked his opponent, Sam Beale.

W. Morrissey defeated Sam Beale. Squash win via jackknife powerbomb.

Backstage, Willie Mack issued a challenge to Morrissey for a match at Under Siege.

Moose was not pleased with D’Amore for putting unnecessary obstacles in his way to taking the Impact World Championship from Omega. Everyone knows Moose is the only one with the ability to triumph over Omega. D’Amore shot back with a sarcastic response, so Moose grabbed him by the lapel with anger in his eyes. James Storm happened to stroll up with two sack lunches. His grandfather told him to pack a sack lunch when getting into a fight with someone bigger than you. Since Storm plans on kicking Moose’s butt all night long, he handed him two lunches.

X-Division Championship: Josh Alexander retained against Ace Austin. Madman Fulton was ringside. Austin tried to one-up Alexander using his opponent’s double underhook piledriver finisher, but Alexander escaped with force. Alexander caught a flying Austin for a powerbomb backbreaker on his knee. That led to an ankle lock for Alexander to win.

Callis made a deal with Johnny Swinger to send a flunkie to pick up Omega at the airport in exchange for making square on paying off the casino bet.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz are getting their Knockouts tag title rematch against new champs Jordynne Grace and Rachael Ellering at Under Siege.

Matt Cardona defeated Brian Myers. Myers worked on Cardona’s knee injury from Rebellion. As the match progressed, Myers charged for his clothesline finisher, but Cardona countered with his Radio Silence finisher to win. Cardona qualified for the #1 contender six-way at Under Siege.

Eric Young had a message from Violent by Design. When the stakes are highest, the sickness is at its strongest. It is also when Violent by Design are at their strongest. Rhino will right this wrong in next week’s qualifier match.

El Phantasmo is coming through the Forbidden Door from NJPW to wrestle in Impact next week.

Omega had yet to appear prior to the main event.

Sami Callihan defeated Eddie Edwards. Callihan was in control for a piledriver when Omega and the Good Brothers rushed the ring. Karl Anderson happened to hit Callihan first, so he was awarded the DQ victory. That meant Callihan qualified for the #1 contender six-way at Under Siege.

The Good Brothers hit Magic Killers on both Callihan and Edwards. As they held Callihan up for a V-trigger, FinJuice ran in for the save. They were swiftly beat up by Omega and the Good Brothers. Callis put over Omega as Impact World Champion to close the show.

That was a solid fall-out show from Impact. They used a cheeky mini story to establish that Kenny Omega will be on weekly programming. All promos advanced angles. The action delivered in the ring and was elevated with importance for finding Omega’s next challenger. Both Knockouts titles fleshed out upcoming challengers. The X-Division closed the door on Ace Austin’s automatic rematch. That is the only division in Impact that needs a reset. I feel that all the matchups have been exhausted between Alexander, TJP, and Austin. Time for fresh blood, and it may come in the form of El Phantasmo.

The Under Siege card is taking shape for May 15:

  • Kenny Omega & Good Brothers vs. Eddie Edwards & FinJuice
  • #1 contender six-way: Sami Callihan vs. Matt Cardona vs. Chris Bey vs. TBD (James Storm/Moose) vs. TBD (Rhino vs. Chris Sabin) vs. TBD (Rohit Raju/Trey Miguel)
  • Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Jordynne Grace & Rachael Ellering (c) vs. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz
  • W. Morrissey vs. Willie Mack

It also looks like we could be getting Deonna Purrazzo versus Havok or Taylor Wilde for the Knockouts Championship.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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