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Impact threatened to strip the World title from Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega made history at Impact’s Rebellion PPV by winning the Impact World Championship in AEW title versus Impact title against Rich Swann. Omega had planned a celebration for tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling (Apr. 29, 2021). Instead, EVP Scott D’Amore threatened to strip him of the championship.

Buckle up, because there were a lot of moving pieces to this puzzle.

The show began with disgruntled wrestlers knocking on D’Amore’s door in order to get a crack at bringing the strap back home to Impact. D’Amore sent everyone to the ring to settle that business.

When D’Amore learned from Don Callis that Omega’s celebration would be conducted through a Zoom link, D’Amore did not consider that to be fulfilling the contractual obligations as champ. D’Amore demanded that Omega be present in person or else he would be stripped of the title and be suspended indefinitely from both Impact and AEW.

In the ring, D’Amore explained that there would be no automatic rematch for Swann against Omega due to the unique title versus title stipulation. D’Amore then announced that there will be a six-way match at Impact’s Under Siege event on May 15. Participants will be determined via six qualifying matches. If Omega doesn’t show up, then that six-way will be for the Impact World Championship.

The countdown was on for Omega to arrive. Callis sent the private jet. He also called in a favor to settle a debt with Johnny Swinger. Swinger’s Palace casino couldn’t cover the $20,000 payoff for a Callis bet on Omega to beat Swann. Since Callis was in a pinch, he proposed for Swinger to make even by sending a stooge to pick up Omega at the airport.

As Callis paced backstage, Sami Callihan issued a warning. The Draw was peeved that Impact lost its top prize. Callihan is coming to collect the belt.

In first two qualifiers tonight, Chris Bey returned to defeat Jake Something and Matt Cardona defeated Brian Myers. Next week’s qualifiers will be Moose versus James Storm and Rhino versus Chris Sabin.

Time was running out on Omega. In the main event, Callihan competed against Eddie Edwards in a qualifying match to earn a spot in the #1 contender six-way. Callihan was on the verge of victory as he set Edwards up for a piledriver. That’s when Omega finally arrived.

Omega and the Good Brothers hit the ring to kick off the celebration by ruining the match.

Karl Anderson bashed Callihan to unintentionally give him the DQ win. Magic Killer to Edwards, then Magic Killer to Callihan. The Good Brothers held Callihan in place for a V-trigger, but FinJuice ran in for the save. David Finlay and Juice Robinson were quite ineffective. Omega and the Good Brothers beat those punks down with Callis ushering in the era of Omega.

Impact promptly booked Omega’s first match as champ. He will team in trios action with the Good Brothers against Eddie Edwards and FinJuice at Under Siege on May 15.

How do you rate Omega’s first appearance as Impact World Champion? Does the trios match for Under Siege get your excitement bubbling?

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