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Kenny Omega wins the Impact World championship

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History was made at Impact’s Rebellion PPV. The relationship between Impact and AEW was getting its big moment with a title versus title main event between Kenny Omega and Rich Swann. The AEW World Championship and the Impact World Championship were both on the line in winner takes all. Could Swann pull off the unthinkable upset? All signs pointed to Omega emerging victorious and that’s exactly what happened. Swann was outclassed by a wrestling god in the end for a barn burner of a match.

Energy was buzzing all night long in anticipation for the epic main event. Impact even brought in Mauro Ranallo to call the action. He added the necessary zest to truly enhance the moment.

Earlier in the evening, Tony Khan was flanked by Tony Schiavone and Jerry Lynn. He brought in referee Aubrey Edwards to ensure there will be a winner in the title versus title main event. Scott D’Amore was satisfied with only using his man referee Brian Hebner. Khan called out the Hebner family legacy of screwjobs, so D’Amore agreed to using two referees.

When it came time for the match, Omega arrived with Don Callis, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows as support. Rich Swann entered with Willie Mack and Eddie Edwards to watch his back. Thankfully, Impact let the match play out clean with no outside interference. The best wrestler truly was determined in singles combat that lasted roughly 25 minutes.

Ring, ring, ring. The contest kicked off with Omega using his size and strength advantage for headlocks. Omega tried to get into Swann’s head through mockery. Swann was having none of that and slapped Omega as payback for the press conference slap.

Swann scored momentum first by dropkicking Omega out of the ring. A dropkick through the ropes and a twisting flying attack followed. Omega turned the tide by getting his knees up on the Rolling Thunder splash. Omega went to work with suplexes and backbreakers to weaken Swann’s spine.

Swann rallied by using a handstand to escape a Kotaro Crusher. Swann connected on a mule kick and running frog splash.

Both men withstood heavy maneuvers. Omega was victim to a Frankensteiner, back body drop off the turnbuckles, and a frog splash. Swann was victim to a furious pump kick knocking him backward into the turnbuckles and a gutwrench sitdown bomb. That was all part of the warm-up. Now it was time for signature moves and drama surrounding whether or not Swann could kick out of the One Winged Angel.

Omega exploded for his first V-trigger, but he couldn’t seal the deal to execute the One Winged Angel. Swann escaped, so Omega clocked him with a spinning heel kick and a second V-trigger. Omega tried for a super One Winged Angel on the turnbuckles, but Swann escaped once again. This one came off as a sloppy electric chair reversal into a super back body drop.

Swann uncorked some strikes, then Omega shot back with a third V-trigger. Two snap dragon suplexes followed.

Swann muscled out of the third snap dragon to escape for a regular cutter. Swann attempted his patented handspring cutter, however, Omega anticipated the move and pulled referee Hebner in front to take the impact. Ref down!

Omega crushed Swann with a clothesline in the confusion. Omega brought in a chair with malice in his heart. He wound up high, but AEW referee Edwards snatched it out of his hands as an unbiased official.

Omega argued with Edwards, and that bought time for Swann to recover. He regained composure to pounce for a handspring cutter. Magistral cradle for 1, 2, Omega kicked out.

Swann dodged a V-trigger and went on the attack with kicks. Swann put Omega down on a spinning Michinoku Driver. 1, 2, kick out. Swann measured a kick to Omega’s mush. He went high-risk and missed a Phoenix splash. Omega made him pay with the fourth V-trigger.

One Winged Angel? Not yet. Swann sandbagged, so Omega audibled to a German suplex. Omega followed with a double underhook piledriver. 1, 2, kick out by Swann.

Omega sensed Swann was losing steam, so he lowered his knee pad to unleash a pair of brutal standing V-triggers. That tallied numbers five and six on the evening. Omega backed away to do a running V-trigger this time. Swann ducked, but Omega anticipated and stopped short. Swann turtled up on the mat to protect himself. Omega trash-talked Swann and his allies Edwards and Mack ringside.

Boom! V-trigger number 7. Swann was drooling out of his mouth, but he dug deep to find fighting spirit. Swann fired off a few punches. Omega answered with his eighth V-trigger. Swann still had enough grit to counter into a suplex. He went for broke with a Phoenix splash, but he took way too long to climb the turnbuckles. Omega moved out of the way and Swann crashed to the mat. V-trigger number 9 and One Winged Angel put Swann away for good.

Omega now holds four title belts as top champ of three companies. The AEW World Championship, Impact World Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and AAA Megacampeonato all are in his possession.

Did the title versus title main event live up to your expectations? Which world title should Omega collect next?

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