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Good Brothers fail to regain Impact tag titles against NJPW’s FinJuice

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NJPW’s David Finlay and Juice Robinson stormed into Impact as young boys to win the tag titles from Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows last month. With that win, FinJuice turned from boys to men. However, Impact was left without the belts as FinJuice toured Japan. They finally returned stateside for the Rebellion PPV and a rematch with the Good Brothers.

FinJuice controlled the flow early with slick teamwork. Gallows turned the tide with a sneaky pump kick to Finlay on the floor. The Big LG slowed it down to lay his licks in. Finlay eventually broke free for a hot tag to Juice. Robinson ran wild to clean house with a running cannonball into the corner onto Anderson. Sweet Karl was able to kick out of the cover.

FinJuice kept Gallows out of the ring to focus on Anderson. They executed a running dropkick into Russian leg sweep combo. Anderson stayed alive. Next was a backbreaker flying elbow drop combo from FinJuice. Gallows was forced to make the save on that pinfall. FinJuice sent the big man out of the ring with a double clothesline. FinJuice set up Doomsday Device, but Gallows was able to make the save by shoving Finlay off the turnbuckles down to the floor.

Good Brothers picked up steam when Anderson pounced for a neckbreaker to Robinson. Good Brothers followed with a neckbreaker suplex double team combo. Robinson kicked out before the three count.

Time for the Magic Killer finisher, or so the Good Brothers thought. They had the maneuver set up, but Finlay tackled Anderson before execution. Robinson rolled up Gallows with an inside cradle for victory. FinJuice remain Impact tag champs as outsiders from NJPW.

Are you surprised to see the NJPW team keep the Impact titles? Who would you like to see challenge FinJuice next?

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