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Impact recap & reactions: Pandemonium heading into Rebellion

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Impact’s Rebellion PPV is ready to explode on April 25. Impact Wrestling (Apr. 22, 2021) featured Moose returning to the Impact Zone, Rachael Ellering making a surprise appearance, and a chaotic brawl to close the go-home show.

In the main event, Eric Young wrestled Eddie Edwards as a taste of what’s to come when Violent by Design squares off against Edwards, James Storm, Chris Sabin, and Willie Mack in an 8-man tag at Rebellion. All participants were ringside, so you knew it was only a matter of time before the combustible elements exploded to provide maximum pumpitude as the closing scene before the PPV.

Down the home stretch, Young and Edwards traded heavy moves with kick outs. Edwards connected on the Blue Thunder Bomb. Young came back with a Death Valley Driver. Momentum was on Edwards side after a second Blue Thunder Bomb, so Young rolled out of the ring. Edwards gave chase with a suicide dive. Violent by Design tried to slow Edwards down, but Storm, Sabin, and Mack wouldn’t allow it. Unfortunately, the ploy worked as intended when Young rolled Edwards up for victory. A donnybrook ensued between the two squads after the match.

Let’s rocket through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

Good Brothers defeated Decay. Luke Gallows was the difference-maker. He caught a flying crossbody from Crazzy Steve then Karl Anderson swooped in for their Magic Killer finisher.

The Good Brothers thanked FinJuice for waking them up. Gasoline was poured on their internal fire to bring the heat back. The Good Brothers will regain the tag titles at Rebellion.

Impact wrestlers provided predictions for Rich Swann versus Kenny Omega. They all sided with Swann.

Violent by Design is going to use violence to end the disease of James Storm. Storm plans to cut the head of the snake known as Eric Young.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Susan. Dashwood finished with a neckbreaker between the ropes then a single-leg dropkick.

Dashwood took the mic to trash-talk Deonna Purrazzo. Dashwood is an influencer of women’s wrestling. Purrazzo wouldn’t be where she is without Dashwood’s accomplishments. Purrazzo declined to respond and exited the ring.

Brian Myers refuses to live in the past, unlike Matt Cardona. Myers has evolved and grown, while Cardona believes he is owed something for his internet show from ten years ago. Myers removed his eye patch to see Cardona clearly. He is someone who has stood in Myers’ way for far too long.

Sami Callihan is peeved that Trey Miguel turned him down. Callihan will make sure Trey never walks again after their Last Man Standing match at Rebellion.

Shera defeated Jake Something. Jake hit a Michinoku driver, so Rohit Raju hopped onto the apron to distract the referee from counting the pinfall. Jake confronted Rohit then turned around into a Sky High spinebuster from Shera.

Trey chatted with his trainer and whined about having to prove himself to Callihan. After a pep-talk, Trey had a training montage in the gym.

Ace Austin, TJP, and Josh Alexander will steal the show in their X-Division contest at Rebellion.

Rich Swann was in the ring to call out Kenny Omega. He was steamed about Omega slapping him at the press conference last week. Omega answered on the big screen to stroke his own ego for his inevitable victory in title versus title at Rebellion. Omega exited, then Moose arrived. There will be consequences for Swann if he loses the belts to Omega.

Taylor Wilde is ready to get wild in the Impact Zone.

Jordynne Grace defeated Kiera Hogan. Grace was in control with a musclebuster, so Tasha Steelz ran into the ring to interfere. That resulted in a disqualification.

Afterward, Fire ‘n’ Flava put the boots to Grace. Rachael Ellering ran in as a surprise to clean house and save Grace. Ellering is Grace’s mystery tag partner against Hogan & Steelz for the Knockouts tag titles at Rebellion.

FinJuice were tired of excuses from the Good Brothers. Anderson and Gallows are dreaming if they think they will be taking back the tag titles. FinJuice will prove they are the best with another win.

Impact’s go-home was effective. The numerous promos added heat to the matches. The Good Brothers have me eager to see them in peak performance. Trey Miguel’s training montage was enjoyable, especially since I’m a sucker for training montages. Rachael Ellering was a cool surprise to add unpredictability. The closing brawl was good fun. Moose was an odd wildcard thrown into the mix. I don’t see where he fits at this moment in time, but I sure as heck want to find out.

The only letdown was the encounter between Tenille Dashwood and Deonna Purrazzo. That match is cold as ice for me. Dashwood hasn’t been presented as a championship caliber talent, so I have zero reason to bet against the Virtuosa. Purrazzo ducking out without a word was a bit weak. At least a slap could have ignited a spark of interest.

We’ll close with a creepy item on the rumor mill. Master scoopsman George Iceman has been hearing that the Impact Zone has been experiencing paranormal activity. He discussed details during the BTI pre-show.

That is a curious tease. The Impact Zone has had that whole Undead Realm around for years. After seeing undead brides and other monsters, a little ghost play shouldn’t spook anyone working there.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show? Are you pumped for Rebellion?

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