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Rachael Ellering revealed as mystery partner for tag title match at Impact Rebellion PPV

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Upon Jazz’s exit from Impact Wrestling, she turned down a Knockouts tag team title shot to honor her retirement stipulation. However, Jazz had someone special in mind to team with Jordynne Grace against champions Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz at the Rebellion PPV on April 25. That mystery lady made an impact tonight.

Grace was in singles action against Hogan. Victory was in Grace’s grasp after a musclebuster, but Steelz blatantly broke up the pinfall for a disqualification. Fire ‘n’ Flava put the boots to Grace in the aftermath.

Boom! Rachael Ellering hit the ring as Grace’s surprise partner.

Ellering cleaned house with clotheslines and a Black Hole Slam. Hogan and Steelz were able to escape the ring before being completely destroyed. In case there was any confusion, Grace confirmed that Ellering will be her partner at Rebellion.

The daughter of Paul Ellering had a brief run with NXT and also competed in the Mae Young Classic under the name Rachael Evers. Ellering popped up in AEW for the woman’s tag team tournament to partner with Dasha Gonzalez. Now, Ellering has a new home in Impact.

Do you think Impact is a good fit for Ellering?