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Impact Hardcore Justice: Deonna Purrazzo retires Jazz to retain Knockouts title

It was do or die for Jazz heading into Hardcore Justice. She put her career on the line for a shot at Deonna Purrazzo and the Knockouts Championship. Jazz fought hard but couldn’t overcome the brilliant strategist in what would become her retirement match.

The bout was contested under Old School Rules. That meant weapons were allowed. It is only fitting for an event called Hardcore Justice.

The story was Jazz’s strength versus Purrazzo’s mind. Jazz was too powerful in the early-going, so Purrazzo rolled out of the ring to regroup. That strategy paid off as Jazz was suckered for a slingshot under the ropes. Purrazzo went to work focusing on weakening Jazz’s arm for the armbar finisher.

Jazz was able to turn the tide by taking the action to the floor and making it an ugly fight. She connected on a sitdown facebuster, but Purrazzo kicked out on the cover. The Virtuosa recovered with a Russian leg sweep then rolled over for an armbar. The submission wasn’t fully secured, so Jazz was able to reach the ropes for a break.

Jazz dug deep to rally for her closest chance at victory. She hit a Samoan drop, walloped Purrazzo with chair shots to the back, then nailed a DDT onto steel. 1, 2, Purrazzo showed the heart of a champion to kick out.

Jazz tried for a double underhook, however, Purrazzo wriggled free to send Jazz into the ropes. The challenger bounced right into a pump kick. The momentum sent Jazz back into the ropes to eat a second pump kick. Purrazzo slammed Jazz with a rolling exploder suplex. The champ put the challenger away for good with the Queen’s Gambit Gotch-style piledriver. Purrazzo retained the Knockouts Championship to extend her current reign at 148 days and counting.

Jordynne Grace ran out to console Jazz with a hug to give the veteran a proper send-off. It was Grace who originally pulled Jazz back into the ring by teaming together in the Knockouts Tag Team Championship tournament.

Jazz retires at the age of 48. She was two-time WWE Women’s Champion for a combined 162 days and NWA World Women’s Champion for 948 days.

Where does Deonna Purrazzo rank in today’s pecking order of women’s wrestlers after adding this accolade to her résumé? What are your favorite memories from Jazz’s career?

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