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Impact teases mystery talent

Impact Wrestling

During the Impact Wrestling broadcast last night (Mar. 30, 2021), a vignette played teasing a new talent coming soon. Who will it be? Well, that’s the mystery.

Before we break down the clues, tell us your guess. Who do you think it could be? Who do you hope it will be?

Everyone loves a good mystery, so let’s dust off the Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe. The first juicy tidbit is that the vignette appears to be for a Knockout. There is a crumpled list of names with Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo at the top.

Impact Wrestling via @dylan_217

The closing image shows fill-in-the-blank words and good news that we only have to wait until April 2021 for the reveal.

Impact Wrestling

Fan speculation formed, “Let’s Get Rowdy,” as a sign for Teal Piper, daughter of “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Young Piper wrestled in the Casino Battle Royale during AEW’s All Out PPV in 2019. She has also participated with the Women of Wrestling promotion. If Piper is the one to come, she may not be alone. Piper could be accompanied by her fiancée, Deimos.

Another possibility for the hidden phrase may have been spoiled within the teaser clip itself. Super sleuth Cain A. Knight, if that is his real name, used detective skills to detect a message written on the wall. It appears to read, “Let’s get Wilde.”

Impact Wrestling

“Let’s get Wilde,” could refer to retired Knockout Taylor Wilde. She competed in Impact from 2008 to 2010. Wilde is a former Knockouts Champion and two-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion. She was ranked #10 in the 2009 PWI Female 50. Wilde exited the ring in 2011. It may be time for a comeback.

Digging deeper, misfit is listed in Wilde’s Twitter bio. Being a misfit would fit the style of the punk rock music in the vignette.

Wilde would be an interesting name from the past to bring back. Purrazzo is close to cleaning out the women’s division as champ. She has defeated most of the regulars as well as veteran ODB. Purrazzo is scheduled for a fight with Jazz at Hardcore Justice on April 10. The two-time WWE Women’s Champion will be putting her career on the line. In the same vein, Wilde would fit the bill of buzz to be another impressive notch of Purrazzo’s résumé.

Did you find any other clues to the mystery identity? Would you be excited for Taylor Wilde’s return to the Impact Zone?

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