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Kenny Omega went to the casino then got into a brawl on Impact

Kenny Omega was back in the Impact Zone. His title versus title story with Rich Swann continued to play out with more emphasis on the One Winged Angel’s invincibility. The AEW World Champion had a wild night on Impact Wrestling (Mar. 30, 2021) as he hit the casino then got into a brawl.

Omega’s evening on Impact Wrestling kicked off with a highlight video of FinJuice triumphing in their tour with NJPW in Japan. The rooting tooting sweet boys have a date against the Good Brothers at Rebellion on April 24 in a tag team championship rematch. Omega and Callis needled Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows about losing the Impact belts to FinJuice. Omega also hatched a secret plot.

Omega and Callis then strolled into Swinger’s Palace casino to check the gambling odds on Omega’s title versus title match against Rich Swann at Rebellion. They were not pleased at the action being even money at 1 to 1. Callis swayed favor by showing Swinger the One Winged Angel highlight video and placed $20,000 down on Omega to win.

Later, Callis approached Willie Mack, who responded with, “What up, fool?” The Invisible Hand tried to butter up Mack. He showed the One Winged Angel highlight hoping Mack would talk sense to his friend. Swann interrupted to stir the pot. After Callis said Omega can’t wait to kick out of Swann’s finisher, the Impact champ issued a threat about slapping off Callis’ sunglasses. Swann stopped short since Callis was technically his boss. Bravado took over as Callis puffed up to give Swann a ten-minute window to do as he pleases.

Of course, it was a ruse for Omega to attack from behind. The Good Brothers ran in for some brawling, then Eddie Edwards hit the scene to even the odds. This set up the big trios main event for Impact’s move to Thursdays starting April 8. Omega will team with the Good Brothers to wrestle Swann, Mack, and Edwards.

This week’s appearance from Omega was much more entertaining than last week’s blowhard promo. I enjoyed how Omega mingled with the fringe parts of the Impact universe by visiting Johnny Swinger’s seedy casino. Omega has an enormous ego in character, but this shows he is down to spread the rub in real life. The increased emphasis on the One Winged Angel is really creating intrigue for the PPV match. Could Swann’s pay-off for losing be the first person to kick out of that devastating maneuver? I still don’t think Swann has a chance at winning, but this creates a nice subplot to draw interest.

In another crossover bit, the Tonys returned with a paid commercial to promote Dynamite with Arcade Anarchy and Kenny Omega & Good Brothers versus Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid. Tony Khan was extra amped and called Omega a pain in the ass. Khan’s megalomania kicked in a bit by claiming control of the wrestling world as the forbidden door. He oddly threw AAA under the bus about having power over Omega’s dates.

Was this week’s Impact appearance from Omega an effective use of his time? Would you bet $20,000 on Omega defeating Swann at Rebellion?

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