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Kenny Omega returns to Impact for a long-winded promo

Kenny Omega is counting down the days until history is made when he wins the Impact World Championship from Rich Swann at Impact’s Rebellion PPV on April 24. To fill time before the big date, Omega sauntered into the Impact Zone to deliver a long-winded promo.

Omega hit the ring with Don Callis by his side as the two men bloviated about Omega’s greatness. The gist of the 12-minute segment was continuing to plant doubt in Swann’s mind about kicking out of the One Winged Angel. Despite Swann overcoming so many challenges in his career, Callis believes the one thing that Swann can not overcome is the One Winged Angel. Nobody has ever kicked out from it.

Callis also clarified that he will protect the legacy and greatness of Omega over protecting Impact. Omega is eager to add two more belts (Impact & TNA titles) to his collection. At Rebellion, Omega will make history.

A lengthy monologue reiterating previous talking points isn’t exactly a thrilling way to build up the fire and desire of anticipation for the Rebellion main event, but there were two things that caught my eye with interest.

First was the One Winged Angel montage. The highlight reel is pretty awesome.

Second was the camera zooming in on Omega’s newest pair of sassy fashion footwear. Simply marvelous!

Impact Wrestling

It is important to point out that those shoes are indeed pointy.

When reached for comment, Swann was unfazed and unflustered. He has battled adversity his whole life. Swann gave props to Omega for putting him down with a One Winged Angel. He added the caveat of the Good Brothers being involved to help Omega during that trios main event at Hard to Kill. In all the singles encounters during that bout, Swann got the best of Omega in every situation. Swann has tricks up his sleeve to defend against the devastating maneuver, but what’s Omega going to do to defend for every other situation.

As for Tony Khan’s weekly paid commercial, Kenny Omega and Don Callis dropped by to join Khan earlier in the show. The champ ended up walking out at the insinuation that there was a greater than zero chance Matt Sydal could beat him on Dynamite to earn a title shot.

Did Omega’s appearance on Impact get you excited for the Rebellion main event? Did Swann’s positive mentality do anything to make you believe he has a legit chance at success at Rebellion?

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