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NJPW’s FinJuice are taking the Impact tag titles to Japan

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History was made at Impact’s Sacrifice special event. Rich Swann defeated Moose to unify the Impact World Championship and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, and the outside tag team of FinJuice from NJPW pulled the upset to win the Impact World Tag Team Championship from the Good Brothers. Now, Impact is dealing with the fallout.

One piece of that fallout is what happens when an outside tag team wins Impact gold but has to leave overseas to work in another wrestling promotion. That happens to be the case for the new champs, David Finlay and Juice Robinson.

FinJuice competed tonight (Mar. 16, 2021) on Impact Wrestling to defeat XXXL. Afterward, the Good Brothers came sniffing for their rematch. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows put the blame on their super busy schedule leaving them unprepared in the Sacrifice match. FinJuice was receptive to the idea of cementing their run with another win over the Good Brothers. However, Finlay and Robinson are also busy fellows.

Good news is that FinJuice have been promoted from young boys to sweet boys. Bad news is that they are heading over to Japan to get a tour in. The Good Brothers will have to wait until FinJuice return in April. Fisticuffs ensued.

Anderson and Gallows took their case to EVP Scott D’Amore. He booked the rematch for the Rebellion PPV on April 24.

Also in that clip was news involving Tommy Dreamer. D’Amore tried to play it cool about Impact having no tag titles at the moment, but he flipped at Dreamer pointing out this mess. D’Amore took a shot at Dreamer driving ECW into the ground with Paul Heyman. D’Amore sarcastically gave Dreamer power to book the upcoming Hardcore Justice card on April 10, available on the Impact Plus app. Dreamer was already prepared with a lineup, and it impressed D’Amore.

None of those matches were announced, so we’ll have to wait until a later date for the reveal.

Back to the Sacrifice fallout, Swann came out holding the Impact and TNA belts to hype his upcoming historic main event against Kenny Omega in title versus title at the Rebellion PPV on April 24. Both the Impact World Championship and the AEW World Championship will be on the line.

Swann was eager to prove he truly is the best wrestler in the world and the real world champion. That’s when Don Callis entered the scene.

Callis reminded Swann that he fought for Impact to sign in. Callis fought for Swann to still receive paychecks from Impact while recovering from a broken leg. Callis viewed Swann as an integral part of the company’s future. Callis had backed Swann as his guy. Swann agreed to all these truths.

The Invisible Hand then started planting seeds of doubt about Swann being pinned by Omega’s One Winged Angel in the trios main event back at Hard to Kill in January. Callis saw Swann’s talent as once in a decade. He sees Omega’s talent as once in a millennium. Swann is a superstar. Omega is a god of pro wrestling. Callis congratulated Swann at making history at Sacrifice. Too bad though that the history for Omega winning at Rebellion is already written.

It wouldn’t be an Impact post about crossover competition without another paid commercial from Tony Khan. It was used to promote the Dynamite card. No story pieces or sassy insults played out.

Do you think it was a smart move by Impact to offer their tag titles to outsiders with an international travel schedule? Who are you hoping to see show up at Tommy Dreamer’s Hardcore Justice event? What needs to happen for you to believe Rich Swann has a greater than zero chance of defeating Kenny Omega?