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Rich Swann unifies Impact & TNA world titles, set to wrestle Kenny Omega

The main event for Sacrifice (Mar. 13, 2021) was one of Impact’s biggest bouts in company history. Rich Swann and Moose wrestled with a title unification on the line for the Impact World Championship and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Tension loomed large during the introductions. Once the bell rang, Swann let loose with a dropkick. The beginning story was Moose overpowering Swann but Swann being too fresh with slick escapes. Moose caught Swann’s flying attacks several times with no results to show for it since Swann often broke free from danger.

Swann was the first to gain momentum. He rammed Moose’s around the ring into three of the four ring posts. Moose came back with a hot shot sending Swann’s throat into the top rope. Back to the power versus speed game. Swann used low dropkicks to chop Moose down, then Swann ran the ropes only to be launched into a back body drop with a 450 flip.

Moose was back on the attack with intentions to inflict pain. Swann fired up with punches, but Moose put him down with a ferocious uranage slam. Moose set up a chair between the turnbuckles. Moose picked up Swann with bad intentions, but the referee blocked his path. Moose changed plans for a fallaway slam.

Moose used a fireman’s carry to climb the corner with Swann on his back. Swann elbowed his way out to execute a super hurricanrana. Swann fired up with jabs, spinning backfists, leg kicks, and head kicks. He went off the ropes for a handspring cutter only to be met with a big boot to the spine. Moose tried to seize the moment with a quick aerial attack. Swann met him with a handspring cutter mid-flight.

Moose kicked out of the cover at 1. Swann unloaded a kick to the mush, a measured kick to the jaw, then a 450 splash. Moose got his shoulder up on the pinfall. The two tangoed on the turnbuckles with Swann getting the upper hand with a punch to send Moose crashing down to the mat. Unfortunately, Swann lacked the energy to capitalize. That delay gave Moose time to spring into action to run up the corner for a moonsault slam.

Moose allowed frustration to cloud his mind. He was angry at not being able to finish Swann. Moose exited the ring to plan his next attack.

Moose crouched waiting to unload a spear. Swann dodged, and Moose collided into the turnbuckle. Moose charged again with the same result of Swann dodging and Moose colliding into the turnbuckle. Moose went for a third spear. This time the corner was the one with the chair from earlier in the match. Swann dodged, and Moose collided with the chair. Swann went for a roll-up. Moose was able to kick out.

Moose charged toward the corner. Swann hopped over the top for a crucifix pin then transitioned to a high stack. That earned Swann the three count and victory.

Swann retained the Impact World Championship and won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to unify the titles.

On top of both championships, Swann’s other reward will be a showdown with Kenny Omega at the Rebellion PPV on April 24. The stakes will be title versus title for the Impact World Championship and the AEW World Championship.

Did the Sacrifice main event live up to your expectations? Are you excited for Swann versus Omega?

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