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Impact Sacrifice preview: Either Rich Swann or Moose will make history tonight

Impact Wrestling is back with another special event tonight (Mar. 13, 2021) at 8 pm ET on the Impact Plus app. Sacrifice has one of the biggest matches in Impact history as Rich Swann battles Moose in a world title unification bout. The show will also feature four more championship contests, a hardcore fight, and an intergender tag.

Let’s break down Sacrifice with a preview and predictions for the full card.

Impact World Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs Moose

The main event is the money match for Sacrifice. It has been building for several months, and now we will finally have the big blow-off.

It began as two separate stories that merged into one. Moose felt disrespected, so he brought back the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to show he is worthy of being a world champ. Moose actually defended the strap numerous times, even though they weren’t officially sanctioned title matches. Moose even prevailed over the returning EC3. The feud gave Moose clarity over controlling his narrative. That narrative would be proving he is the true world champ in Impact.

Meanwhile, Swann was working hard to return from injury to win the Impact World Championship. He brushed off Moose’s claims and challenge, so Moose put his focus on Swann’s best friend, Willie Mack. The feud between Moose and Mack escalated into an I Quit match. Moose battered Mack so bad that Swann pleaded for the pain to stop. He offered Moose a title shot in exchange for quitting the match.

When it came time for Moose to collect, Swann wasn’t so forthcoming. That forced Moose to go on a violent rampage. He even halted the Impact Wrestling TV show and refused to leave until he had his world title match. EVP Scott D’Amore was at his wits’ end, so he officially recognized the TNA World Heavyweight Championship again to give Moose action.

D’Amore eventually had enough of this feud and forced both men to step up for the match. He upped the stakes for a historic title unification and sweetened the pot with the winner earning the main event at the Hard to Kill PPV against Kenny Omega in Impact title versus AEW title on April 24.

Prediction: Moose. He has finally become the man that can carry the promotion. The key will be doing enough damage to overcome the tremendous heart and will of a champion that Swann possesses. That will be easier said than done.

Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs ODB

Grudge match, at least on ODB’s end. ODB made a surprise return to assist Jordynne Grace and Jazz against Purrazzo’s trio. Tensions escalated when Purrazzo beat ODB unconscious backstage. ODB roared back the following week. ODB is looking to become a 5-time Knockouts champion.

Prediction: Purrazzo. The Virtuosa is a genius in the ring. ODB is a straightforward butt-kicker. Purrazzo should have no problem overcoming that style.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Good Brothers (c) vs FinJuice

FinJuice came from NJPW to make an impact. The Good Brothers still viewed David Finlay and Juice Robinson as the young boys they knew from their time in Japan. FinJuice aims to establish their reputation by taking what belongs to Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Prediction: Good Brothers. Nothing about FinJuice screams star yet. This will be their chance to impress for fans unfamiliar with their NJPW work. Unfortunately, the Good Brothers will be too tough. They have been stomping the competition since arriving in Impact. This match will be no different.

X-Division Championship: TJP (c) vs Ace Austin

Ace Austin won a #1 contender bout to be in this position. Expect a super athletic contest.

Prediction: TJP. He may be cocky outside the ring, but he is all heart and superior skill inside the ring.

Knockouts Tag Championship: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz (c) vs Jordynne Grace & Jazz

Grace and Jazz won a #1 contender bout to be in this position. The style will be speed versus power.

Prediction: Fire ‘n’ Flava. Hogan and Steelz are a hot duo. It is still too early to take the belts off them. They have great chemistry together and are experts getting tricky.

Hold Harmless: Eddie Edwards vs Brian Myers

This feud began in the training room. Edwards was getting treatment when Myers suffered an eye injury. Nobody cared about Myers’ pain, so trash-talk ensued. EVP Scott D’Amore came up with some legal mumbo jumbo name to signify that the match would be hardcore anything goes.

One story to keep an eye on is if Edwards has lost his marbles. He hasn’t been the same since Barbed Wire Massacre against Sami Callihan. Edwards has flashed fits of violent rage while in the ring.

Prediction: Eddie Edwards. Myers is the most professional wrestler. Hardcore is not his style. The key will be Myers’ intelligence. With anything goes, expect him to make full use of the lack of rules, which might include paying Hernandez to interfere.

Deaner & Joe Doering vs James Storm & Chris Sabin

Eric Young was torturing Deaner as the consequence of failure in losing to Jake Something. Storm and Sabin stepped in as busybodies with good intentions. They didn’t like how Young was treating Deaner. Deaner didn’t seem to mind though, because he started the fight that led to this match. Storm and Sabin are aiming to eliminate Violent by Design by cutting the head off the snake. Young will be ringside. As will Jake, after he offered his services to watch the backs of Storm and Sabin.

Prediction: Violent by Design. Eric Young is smarter than Jake Something, and that will be the difference.

Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus vs Reno Scum

Rosemary was looking for bodies to sacrifice. Reno Scum was there. Boom, a tag match was made.

Prediction: Decay. Steve and Taurus are running hot as a duo. It is time to move up the ladder toward title contention. The next rung is Reno Scum.

Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb Konley vs Havok & Nevaeh

When Nevaeh was contemplating a split after coming up short for the Knockouts tag titles with Havok, Dashwood attempted to poach Havok as a partner. Havok rebuffed those advances. Dashwood and Konley would get even with a pummeling to Havok. Nevaeh made the save and reunited with her partner, for now.

Prediction: Dashwood & Konley. It is too soon for Havok and Nevaeh to be hunky-dory. I think they lose this bout then tensions will escalate.

Get in the mood for tonight’s title unification bout with Impact’s top 5 countdown for the most epic title versus title matches.

5. Matt Sydal vs Taiji Ishimori - Impact Wrestling: Crossroads (Mar. 8, 2018)
4. Team 3D vs Beer Money - TNA Lockdown (Apr. 19, 2009)
3. Magnus (aka Nick Aldis) vs AJ Styles - Impact Wrestling (Jan. 9, 2014)
2. Bobby Lashley vs James Storm - Impact Wrestling (Aug. 11, 2016)
1. Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe - TNA Hard Justice (Aug. 12, 2007)

Share your predictions for Sacrifice in the comments below. Which match do you think will steal the show?

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