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Impact recap & reactions: FinJuice committed a cardinal sin

Impact Wrestling (Mar. 9, 2021) featured FinJuice throwing shots at the Good Brothers and a mega announcement for Rich Swann and Moose in the go-home show to Sacrifice.

David Finlay and Juice Robinson came to Impact from NJPW. They quickly found their way into the title scene by riling up Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. FinJuice and the Good Brothers had a contract signing for their tag title match at Sacrifice, but first they had to take some shots.

The booze flowed for rounds two and three. After everyone put pen to paper on the contract, FinJuice rudely tossed their tiny cups of alcohol into the faces of the Good Brothers. Fisticuffs ensued with cinematic flair. Cue up the rock music.

How rude! If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is a flagrant waste of tasty alcohol. FinJuice committed a cardinal sin by throwing their shots at the Good Brothers. That’s a heel turn in my book, especially since Anderson and Gallows were so accommodating with the beverages. I hope the Good Brothers mop them up at Sacrifice.

Let’s rocket through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

Jazz defeated Tasha Steelz. Jazz ducked an enzuiguri to lock in an STF submission for victory in the competitive contest.

Susan confronted ODB looking for a match. They will get on in later in the show.

Sam Beale challenged Trey Miguel to a match. Beale was convinced by Sami Callihan. After some needling, Trey accepted the match with a plan to teach Beale a lesson.

James Storm & Chris Sabin defeated Rohit Raju & Shera. Rohit blasted Storm with a knee. As Rohit was setting up to explode for his finisher, Shera came in trying to slam Storm. While Rohit and Shera argued, Sabin dropkicked Shera into Rohit. That led to Rohit eating a lungblower from Storm and a Cradle Shock driver from Sabin for the pin.

Reno Scum and XXXL were bickering about last week’s loss to the Good Brothers and FinJuice. Rosemary and Decay interrupted to mock XXXL. The big boys split leaving Decay to challenge Reno Scum for Sacrifice.

Eric Young and Joe Doering let Deaner out of the closet after a week. Deaner accepted the consequences of losing. James Storm and Chris Sabin stepped in at the mistreatment of Deaner. What’s wrong is wrong. Deaner snapped and began punching Storm. Violent by Design beat down the snoopers.

Scott D’Amore informed Brian Myers that he has a Hold Harmless match against Eddie Edwards at Sacrifice. Myers thought Hold Harmless meant a traditional submission match, but it was actually a hardcore match.

Sami Callihan trash-talked Trey’s lack of passion to introduce the next match.

Trey Miguel defeated Sam Beale. Squash victory via leg lock. Afterward, Sami used his ICU magic tricks to flash into the ring and hit a package piledriver on Beale.

Storm and Sabin want to fight Violent by Design at Sacrifice. They are coming to cut the head off the snake. Jake Something asked to be ringside to neutralize Young ringside for his team. Offer accepted.

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone returned with another paid commercial to recap AEW’s Revolution PPV and hype Dynamite.

Chris Bey defeated Ace Austin. With Ace in control, TJP grabbed a seat to distract him. Bey took advantage for a cutter and springboard cutter to win in an athletic X-Division contest.

At Swinger’s Palace casino, TJP collected his winnings. Josh Alexander still has his eyes on TJP and the X-Division Championship.

Rohit yelled at Shera about costing them the match. Shera lifted up Rohit by the neck. He doesn’t owe Rohit anything.

ODB defeated Susan. Susan had ODB down then poured out ODB’s flask. ODB responded with a Samoan drop to win. Afterward, Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee beat up ODB. Jordynne Grace and Jazz evened the odds. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz tipped the scales for the bad girls to stand tall.

Blockbuster announcement. The main event segment saw Rich Swann and Moose learn that their main event at Sacrifice will be now a title unification contest with the Impact World Championship and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. The winner will go on to wrestle Kenny Omega in AEW title versus Impact title at the Rebellion PPV on April 24.

Don Callis phoned Omega to let him know everything went as planned.

Solid go-home show for Sacrifice. Outside of Chris Bey beating Ace Austin, everything made sense to ramp up the excitement for the big show this weekend. The championship matches were intensified, and the undercard was filled out. The show closed with a bang in the title unification announcement. That part tied up loose ends. Stakes were then increased with an opportunity at greatness for a future match with AEW champ Kenny Omega. Business is picking up in the Impact Zone.

Sacrifice is scheduled to air at 8 pm ET on Saturday, March 13 on the Impact Plus app.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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