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Relive AJ Styles’ glory days in Impact’s X-Division

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As the inaugural and 6-time X-Division title holder, AJ Styles is arguably the greatest X-Division champ in TNA/Impact history. That’s why it is no surprise that Styles occupies the top three spots in Impact’s countdown for greatest X-Division triple threat matches.

5. Kenny King vs Chris Sabin vs Suicide - TNA Slammiversary (June 2, 2013)
4. Manik vs Rohit Raju vs Chris Bey - Hard to Kill (Jan. 16, 2021)
3. Low Ki vs Jerry Lynn vs AJ Styles - NWA-TNA PPV #11 (Aug. 28, 2002)
2. Petey Williams vs Chris Sabin vs AJ Styles - TNA Final Resolution (Jan. 16, 2005)
1. Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles - TNA Unbreakable (Sep. 11, 2005)

Styles certainly has a knack in throwing his body around. A springboard flip into executing a reverse DDT, doing a tuck and roll fall from the Ultimate X ropes above, and a corkscrew senton bomb are just a few of his highlights. Those twists and tumbles are part of the attitude that helped define the X-Division.

If you are in the mood for fresh X-Division splendor, then tune in to Impact Wrestling Tuesday night at 8 pm ET on AXS and Twitch. One of the feature bouts will be a #1 contender triple threat between Ace Austin, Chris Bey, and Black Taurus. It has potential to be gangbusters.

Do you agree with Impact’s list for the greatest X-Division triple threat matches? Where does AJ Styles rank on the all-time X-Division hierarchy?