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Impact recap & reactions: TNA Heavyweight Championship reinstated as official title


Impact Wrestling (Feb. 23, 2021) featured Jake Something settling the score with Cody Deaner, #1 contenders emerging for the X-Division and Knockouts tag titles, as well as the TNA Heavyweight Championship being reinstated as an official Impact title belt.

Moose has been carrying around the TNA strap for quite some time. He crowned himself the real world champ on Impact after not being able to win the Impact World Championship himself. Moose’s motivation has carried him through to become arguably the top star in Impact. Now, he just needs to prove it be dethroning Rich Swann.

Swann promised Moose a title shot but has yet to deliver on his word. Part of that is because Moose keeps attacking Swann after matches. Moose won’t have to wait any longer, since he finally received his wish. Moose is booked to wrestle Swann for the Impact World Championship at Sacrifice on March 13.

Moose’s trials and tribulations on Impact Wrestling to get the big match oddly involved EVP Scott D’Amore reinstating the TNA Heavyweight Championship. After Jake Something triumphed over Cody Deaner in a tables match to open the show, Moose speared Jake through a table.

Moose proclaimed that he would not leave the ring until he gets a title shot. That led to D’Amore claiming Swann was not cleared to wrestle and not even in the building. D’Amore flipped the script on Moose to officially recognize the TNA title and make that Moose’s title shot instead. Jake wanted a piece and was granted his wish as Moose’s opponent.

In the main event, Jake ambushed Moose as payback during the champ’s entrance.

Jake battered Moose around the ring area. Moose soaked in the pain as motivation to smash Jake in the corner. A slobberknocker of a fight ensued. Hefty moves were a Michinoku driver by Jake and a superplex by Moose.

Moose powered up in the end with two uranage slams, a ripcord clothesline, and a spear to retain TNA gold.

After the match, Moose brought in a chair to hit Jake. Rich Swann surprisingly ran in to scuffle with Moose. Security separated the two rivals. D’Amore had enough and booked the Impact World Championship match for Sacrifice.

Let’s run through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

Tables match: Jake Something defeated Deaner. Cody opened with aggression by biting Jake’s nose. It didn’t take long for Jake to take control with his power. As the two were dueling on stage, Deaner charged at Jake, however, Jake picked Deaner up for a Black Hole slam through a table to win.

Ace Austin, Chris Bey, & Black Taurus defeated Trey Miguel, Josh Alexander, & Willie Mack. The winning team will be in a three-way next week to determine the #1 contender for the X-Division Championship. The match was wild and woolly. Austin almost secured the win by hitting Mack with the Fold finisher. Trey and Alexander broke up the cover. The match broke down with Bey and Mack as the primary focus. Bey landed a shotgun dropkick to send Mack back into the corner. Austin smoothly timed a kick to Mack’s head to send him forward into a springboard cutter by Bey for victory.

Trey exited by himself. Backstage, Sami Callihan rubbed in the loss. He doubts Trey has the passion to succeed. Trey exploded to pummel Sami. The Draw sat on the floor laughing.

Rosemary spoke about patience. It will be time to rejoice with the resurrection of the Death Dealers. Black Taurus will win the X-Division belt, then Decay will come for the rest of the titles. It will be the dawn of a new age of shadows.

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone returned for another paid commercial. The Tonys brought AEW talent with them to make jokes at Impact’s expense.

Havok wanted to stay together with Nevaeh as a tag team. Nevaeh brushed off the notion to claim she needs more time to think. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb Konley overheard and approached to recruit Havok. The powerhouse wasn’t interested, but that didn’t dissuade Konley.

Good Brothers defeated XXXL. Hard-hitting hammer time. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows hit Magic Killer to Larry D for the win.

James Storm and Chris Sabin were gambling at Swinger’s Palace. Rohit Raju sat down to cause a losing hand. Sabin prevented a fight, because he loves Swinger’s Palace. Johnny Swinger put in a call to get Rohit versus Storm booked, so they can place bets.

FinJuice were not impressed by the Good Brothers’ performance. It was good for being hungover though.

Brian Myers used MJF’s lawyer to get out of a match against Eddie Edwards. Myers blamed his eye injury as an excuse to bring in Hernandez as a replacement.

Eddie Edwards defeated Hernandez. Myers scored cheap punches to Edwards behind the referee’s back. Edwards fought hard to prevail with a flying Boston Knee Party.

Backstage, D’Amore informed Myers that he will wrestle Edwards next week. Matt Cardona will be the special referee.

Jordynne Grace & Jazz defeated Kimber Lee & Susan. Winners will earn a Knockouts tag title shot. Deonna Purrazzo was ringside. ODB neutralized Purrazzo’s interference. The referee ejected both women. Hosses controlled the action with Grace pinning Susan via Grace Driver.

Backstage, Grace and Jazz found ODB unconscious on the floor.

Impact Wrestling is back in its groove with a variety of high-quality matches and backstage scenes to set up the stories.

I’m fully sold on the heat between Moose and Rich Swann. I can’t wait for their fight at Sacrifice. It was odd that Swann appeared out of nowhere. Does that mean D’Amore is a liar by claiming Swann wasn’t in the building? I’m also curious about the ramifications of reinstating the TNA Heavyweight Championship. I can envision it as a workaround in the case Kenny Omega swoops in to collect the Impact World Championship. The TNA belt will provide purpose for main events in the absence of Omega.

Jake Something elevated himself with a rugged performance against Moose. He has a great mix of hoss and athleticism. If Jake wants to reach the next level, he needs to do something with his last name. Something works for his feud with Cody Deaner, but I have trouble believing Something will be taken seriously in the future with that moniker. It screams carny shit.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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