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Impact recap & reactions: Tommy Dreamer failed to teach Moose a lesson

Fresh off No Surrender, Impact Wrestling (Feb. 16, 2021) featured FinJuice debuting in an NJPW crossover, a fantastic X-Division Championship bout between TJP and Josh Alexander, as well as Tommy Dreamer attempting to teach Moose a lesson in Old School Rules.

Tommy Dreamer was still peeved about Moose ruining the afterglow of his world title loss to Rich Swann at No Surrender, so Dreamer spoke with Impact management to book an Old School Rules match against Moose in the TV main event.

That turned out to be a bad idea.

Dreamer started strong by choking Moose with a bandana and biting his forehead. After a cookie sheet shot to Moose’s head, Dreamer flashed a demented smile.

Back from commercial, Dreamer had a chair around his neck.

Moose dominated the action until Dreamer went low to grab the wrestling god’s cojones. Dreamer hit a cutter, but Moose kicked out at 1. Dreamer used weapons to batter Moose. The big man countered a DDT to STO Dreamer onto a chair.

As Moose set up a table in the corner, the hardcore legend charged for a spear through the wood. Dreamer commenced with shots from his kendo stick. Moose ate the pain and powered through for a uranage slam. Moose speared Dreamer to put the 50-year-old down for the 3 count.

It would appear that the teacher was taught a lesson in this instance. Don’t mess with Moose.

Let’s run through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

X-Division Championship: TJP retained against Josh Alexander. Both men had supreme technical skills, so it came down to speed versus power. Exciting mat sequences were plentiful. For example, Alexander secured an ankle lock, TJP countered to an armbar, so Alexander broke free with a powerbomb backbreaker.

For the finish, TJP connected on a GTS variation then won via mamba splash.

Brian Myers paid off Hernandez for their win at No Surrender. Myers then made the same deal of half up front and half after the win for Hernandez to beat up Matt Cardona. Fallah Bahh entered the scene requesting a handout from Hernandez. Super Mex didn’t want to deal with a gambling addict, but Bahh convinced him. Hernandez loaned $10 as a test to turn it into $20. If accomplished, they would talk later about bigger things.

Trey Miguel defeated Willie Mack, Daivari, and Suicide in a four-way. Total non-stop action. Trey came out of nowhere with a Meteora double knee dive to pin Suicide.

Sami Callihan picked on Trey backstage. Sami observed that Trey is all smiles when things are going his way. However, Trey fails when the chips are on the line, because he lacks passion.

Ace Austin demanded an X-Division Championship match from Scott D’Amore. The solution to determine a #1 contender is a trios match next week with the winners wrestling each other the following Tuesday. Ace was confident in emerging victorious.

Matt Cardona defeated Hernandez. Brian Myers was ringside. Cardona escaped a Border Toss to come back for a leg lariat to win.

After the match, Myers confronted Cardona. Hernandez attacked from behind. Eddie Edwards made the save.

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone had another paid commercial. Khan has a Valentine’s Day gift for Kenny Omega on Dynamite.

Nevaeh is tired of losing and questioned if her team with Havok should break up. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb Konley interrupted trying to poach Havok as a tag partner. That led to a match between Tenille and Nevaeh.

FinJuice defeated Reno Scum. David Finlay and Juice Robinson debuted in Impact as part of the NJPW crossover. FinJuice had little trouble to win with a superplex and frog splash combo.

After the match, the Good Brothers came out to poke fun at the young boys in their territory. FinJuice aren’t boys anymore. They mocked the Good Brothers penchant for overdrinking.

At the bar, Rohit Raju blamed his loss to TJP on Shera’s incompetence. Rohit accidentally bumped into James Storm to spill beer. When Rohit refused to apologize, Storm cracked his bottle on Rohit’s head. Shera stepped up. That led to Johnny Swinger inviting Storm and Chris Sabin to Swinger’s Palace casino. Swinger pocketed the waitress’ tip on the way out.

At Swinger’s Palace, Bahh busted his $10 in 21. They threw Bahh out, since he was a deadbeat broke gambler. Bahh vowed revenge, even though it was all his fault for losing money.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Nevaeh. Kaleb Konley was ringside. Dashwood was victorious after a back elbow, low crossbody, then single-leg dropkick to the side of the head.

Violent by Design addressed Jake Something turning down their invitation. Cody will get payback in a tables match next week. If he loses again, then he accepts the consequences of failure from Eric Young and Joe Doering.

Susan was upset about being pinned by Jazz in the trios loss at No Surrender. Deonna Purrazzo proposed that Susan and Kimber Lee get a Knockouts tag title shot. D’Amore answered with Susan and Lee versus Jazz and Jordynne Grace. The winners will become top contenders.

The X-Division matches were the highlights of the evening on Impact Wrestling. The four-way was a blitz of activity. TJP and Josh Alexander put on a clinic in excitement in the title match. Bouts like that are why TJP makes for a great champ.

The drinking adventures of James Storm and Chris Sabin was a fun time. Poor Rohit probably still has no idea what hit him. Leave it to Johnny Swinger to stroll in and steal the scene, and cash. I have no idea why we are supposed to feel sorry for Fallah Bahh. Not only is he a thief, but he squandered the last of his money on gambling. Storm should smash a bottle on his head for being a dumbass.

Speaking of dumbasses, say hello to Tommy Dreamer. He already had a series of matches against Moose not too long ago. The result was a butt whopping for Dreamer. Bravado must have got the better of him to request Old School Rules. The outcome was much the same as before. Dreamer was speared in half. I will say that it was fun to watch though. Thank you, Dreamer. Keep on doing your thing for the love of wrestling.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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