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Impact No Surrender recap: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz steal the show

Impact Wrestling brought fire and flavor for their No Surrender special event last night (Feb. 13, 2021). The show featured Tommy Dreamer in one last hurrah for gold and Private Party coming up short in taking the tag titles back to AEW. Both of those matches had their moments, but the true show-stealer came from the Knockouts tag division.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz defended the Knockouts Tag Team Championship against Havok and Nevaeh. The match was no DQ tornado rules. That provided a way to have non-stop action with the spice of foreign objects.

This bout was all about speed versus power. Havok was the dominant force that Fire ‘n’ Flava had to overcome. Making full use of the rules, Kiera brought in a kendo stick. Steelz clipped Havok’s knee, so Kiera could bash the monster on the head. The champs tried to suplex Havok, but she reversed into a double suplex of her own. Hogan and Steelz were able to use their quickness to evade a charging attack from Havok. The result was the powerhouse ramming her head into a chair that had been previously set up in the corner.

Nevaeh brought in a street sign, but that backfired as Steelz popped a cutter to Neveah onto the metal. That was the winning maneuver for Fire ‘n’ Flava to retain.

Afterward, Nevaeh was frustrated and left solo without her partner.

The Triple Threat Revolver was the most exciting match on the card, but this tag bout was my favorite. It was a classic David versus Goliath story, ignoring the babyface and heel alignments. If you are looking for heel smalls, then I guess Hogan and Steelz were more comparable to Gremlins running amok.

What made the match so interesting in my eyes was that Havok’s unstoppable power forced Fire ‘n’ Flava to get creative with their speed to neutralize the monster. Their feisty intensity cemented them as serious tag champs ready to take down all comers.

Let’s blitz through the rest of the show.

Rich Swann defeated Tommy Dreamer to retain the Impact World Championship. (Full details here.) Dreamer showed grit and heart by fighting through a dislocated finger. Swann was too much in the end. He finished Dreamer with a flurry of kicks and a Phoenix splash.

Moose ran in to clobber both men after the match. He hit a uranage slam to each, speared Dreamer, and tenderized Swann’s leg with a chair.

Good Brothers retained the Impact World Tag Team Championship in a three-way against Private Party and Chris Sabin & James Storm. (Full details here.) The referee was distracted by Luke Gallows with a chair, so Matt hardy swooped in for a Twist of Fate to Storm. Private Party followed with a swanton and shooting star press. Karl Anderson was observing low-key and managed to tag himself in off Marq Quen’s boot. Anderson disposed of Private Party to steal the pin in Storm.

Afterward, Hardy was upset with Private Party for letting him down.

Jordynne Grace, Jazz, & ODB defeated Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, & Susan. The match broke down as trios contests tend to do. Jazz got the hot tag to pepper jabs into Susan’s face. Susan responded with a thumb to the eye. Grace came in the ring, but Jazz couldn’t see and punched her out of the ring. Lee flew for a flipping cannonball onto bodies on the floor. Susan rolled up Jazz, but the veteran reversed for an STF submission. Susan tapped out with no one to save her. The babyfaces celebrated their win, and Grace showed no ill will about the accidental fist from Jazz.

TJP retained the X-Division Championship against Rohit Raju. Rohit attacked before the bell and quickly hit his running knee finisher. The referee never started the match, so Rohit’s pin would not be counted. Rohit continued the assault with a suplex on the floor.

The match finally begun with TJP already beaten down. Due to the damage sustained, TJP was always fighting from behind. Rohit had TJP well-scouted to often be one step ahead with a counter. Rohit also had Shera on the outside making his presence felt.

Rohit even bit TJP at one point and said it tasted like failure. As the match progressed, Rohit worked the shoulder while TJP attacked the knee. Both men were in pain. TJP hit a superplex then followed with GTS, but Rohit stayed alive. TJP went up top for a mamba splash to finish it, however, Rohit was waiting to catch TJP in a triangle choke. TJP escaped to slap on a knee bar. He pulled Rohit to the center of the ring. Rohit mustered the force to escape and transitioned to a crossface submission.

In the end, TJP went for a low dropkick, but Rohit jumped up to counter with a double stomp. Rohit whacked TJP with a running knee. 1, 2, kick out. Rohit distracted the referee for Shera to get involved. Shera held TJP as Rohit charged for another running knee, however, TJP dipped out so Rohit collided with Shera. TJP rallied for a flying DDT and mamba splash to win.

Josh Alexander won the Triple Threat Revolver. The new match concept was a triple threat gauntlet with eight wrestlers. The winner earned an X-Division Championship bout. Trey Miguel, Blake Christian, and Suicide were the first three. Trey pulled out a crazy hurricanrana off the ropes.

Suicide hit a flying senton onto Christian, but Trey pounced on Suicide for an hourglass submission. The masked man tapped out for the first elimination.

Chris Bey entered next. Christian executed a unique double hurricanrana.

Christian walloped Trey on the floor with a standing C4. Back in the ring, Bey pinned Christian with a vertebreaker.

Daivari entered 5th. He laughed at Trey’s pain. After a belly-to-belly suplex to Bey, Daivari showed off with pushups. Trey attacked with a Meteora diving double knees to pin the unsuspecting Daivari.

Josh Alexander was the 6th man. He ran wild with suplexes and slams. He caught a springboarding Bey for a torture rack spinning slam, stomped the ankle, then applied the ankle lock for the submission. Bey was eliminated.

Willie Mack slid in for the 7th spot. He was kicking butt until Trey put him down. Mack was holding Alexander for a body slam when Trey flew in for a Meteora. Both Trey and Alexander piled on top to pin Mack.

Ace Austin was 8th to join Trey and Alexander as the final three. Madman Fulton was by Ace’s side. Action was fast and furious. The closing sequence began with Alexander hitting a nifty double DVD.

Alexander booted Trey out of the ring. Alexander cracked Ace with a powerbomb backbreaker. He blasted Fulton to prevent any interference. A double underhook piledriver gave Alexander the victory.

Jake Something defeated Deaner. Jake wore new gear in tighty tights, a thigh sleeve, knee pads, and boots all in black with Something written on his butt. Eric Young and Joe Doering were ringside. Jake controlled early with emotional power, but the tables turned when Young put Jake down with a neckbreaker on the floor. Jake eventually made a comeback and hit a plancha onto Young and Doering. Jake returned to the ring to hit a Black Hole Slam for victory.

After the bell, Young and Doering attacked. Doering flattened Jake with a clothesline then put him through a table on a super powerbomb.

Hernandez & Brian Myers defeated Eddie Edwards & Matt Cardona. Edwards took Hernandez and himself out with a suicide dive. Myers countered Cardona’s leaping leg lariat by pushing Cardona over the top to collide headfirst into the exposed turnbuckle steel. Myers cleaned it up with a clothesline for victory.

Rosemary, Crazzy Steve, & Black Taurus defeated Larry D, Acey Romero, & Tenille Dashwood. The finish broke down to high flying on the floor. Larry D hit a suicide dive on Taurus, then the bull repaid the favor with a corkscrew suicide dive to Mr. D. Steve launched for a flying crossbody. Acey powerbombed his teammate, Tenille, out of the ring down onto bodies below.

On commentary, Matt Striker sold an elbow injury from Tenille, but I’m not sure if it was legit.

Rosemary spit GREEN MIST into Acey’s face. Taurus took it to Larry in the ring with a flying corkscrew neckbreaker then a spinning piledriver to win.

NJPW crossover. The final scene of the show was a video tease for Juice Robinson and David Finlay coming over as a tag team from NJPW.

No Surrender was a pretty good show. The Triple Threat Revolver, X-Division Championship, and Knockouts Tag Team Championship bouts were full of excitement. The World Championship and Tag Team Championships had intrigue and drama. The rest of the matches filled out with fun, solid action.

Tommy Dreamer shined in his emotional title fight. Rich Swann added to his championship resume by showing his fighting spirit and desire to remain top dog. The extra business with Moose did well to fire up their feud. It will be interesting to see how the timeline plays out. Moose versus Swann is hot enough to main event the Rebellion PPV on April 24, however, that might be when Kenny Omega returns as a belt collector. There will probably be two more Impact Plus special events in the meantime, so I’m guessing Moose and Swann will settle their business sooner rather than later.

Speaking of Moose, it looked like he slimmed down around the waist. I wonder if he is preparing to increase his work rate and dropped weight to help with endurance. Another wrestler that appeared to put in the work was Ace Austin. He was looking jacked in the upper body. I’m not sure if these were actual differences or my mind playing tricks on me.

Rohit Raju wrestled one of the best matches in his Impact career. His strategy was extremely intelligent and showed how he put time in film study to develop a game plan. That’s why it was disappointing when he lost in his traditional blundering style. He went up one level to shed his jobber image then dropped down two levels with simple incompetence. That was frustrating since he has excelled so much in the ring during his X-Division title run. I was hoping Rohit would evolve into a wrestler to be taken seriously.

Overall, it was a fun night as a fan since most my preferred choices were victorious or performed well. Black Taurus and Josh Alexander should have big things in their immediate futures. GREEN MIST! That always gets a pop out of me. And then the show wrapped with the NJPW tease. I don’t know that much about Juice Robinson and David Finlay, but it is pretty cool considering all the other talent sharing going on across the board.

Share your thoughts on Impact’s No Surrender special event. Who stole the show?

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