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Private Party fails to bring Impact tag titles to AEW

Under Matt Hardy’s guidance, Private Party was in prime position to add some sizzle to the relationship between AEW and Impact Wrestling. Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen wanted to win the Impact tag titles at No Surrender, bring them to AEW, and never return. Unfortunately for them, there were two formidable duos standing in their way. Private Party had to conquer Chris Sabin and James Storm as well as the reigning champs Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows of the Good Brothers in a three-way title bout.

The Good Brothers began on the apron, while the challengers kicked off the action. Storm powered through Private Party with threats for Hardy. Both teams worked back and forth until Karl Anderson tagged himself in only to take a teamwork beating. Gallows got the hot tag to dominate with his size. The Good Brothers focused on pounding Marq Quen for an extended period.

Storm tagged in to run wild with help from Sabin to cut down Gallows. The referee lost control as a flurry of big moves erupted all around. Storm came out of the hurricane with the Eye of the Storm spinning crucifix toss on Quen. The party man was able to escape the cover.

Luke Gallows brought in a chair. Hardy noticed the referee busy with Gallows, so he attacked Storm with a Twist of Fate. Kassidy pounced for a swanton and Quen followed with a shooting star press.

Gold was in Private Party’s grasp, however, Anderson pulled the super savvy veteran move to touch Quen’s boot to tag himself in. Anderson dumped Quen out of the ring to steal the pin on Storm as the Good Brothers retained.

After the match, Hardy was seething with frustration. He grabbed Private Party by the faces to shout about them letting him down. It was more in the vein of a demanding coach rather than a jerkwad, so there was no pushback from Private Party.

As fun as the relationship between AEW and Impact Wrestling has been, there still have not been any major ramifications of the crossover. The first interpromotional championship change will have to wait for another day.

Did Private Party’s mini run in Impact leave you satisfied? Would you like to see them continue to moonlight in Nashville?

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