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Will Tommy Dreamer & Private Party surprise the world by winning Impact championships at No Surrender?

Impact Wrestling is putting on a special event tonight (Feb. 13, 2021) at 8 pm ET for the Impact Plus app. No Surrender will be the next step in Impact’s odd relationship with AEW as Matt Hardy attempts to lead Private Party to tag team gold. The show will also feature Tommy Dreamer attempting to shock the world and win the Impact World Championship at the age of 50 along with two more title bouts. Let’s break it down with a preview and predictions for the full card.

World Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs Tommy Dreamer

Swann offered Dreamer a title shot as a 50th birthday gift. Dreamer accepted. The story in the ring might be Swann not treating Dreamer as a serious threat only to be taken to the limit. I believe that Dreamer will rise to the occasion to make it as good of a contest as he can. That should be the appeal for long-time Dreamer fans.

Prediction: And still Impact World Champion, Rich Swann. With Moose and a potential matchup against Kenny Omega looming large, Swann is not dropping the title.

World Tag Team Championship: Good Brothers (c) vs Private Party vs Chris Sabin & James Storm

Sabin & Storm wanted a shot at tag team gold, but Matt Hardy returned to the Impact Zone with Private Party by his side to earn his managerial fee. That led to a #1 contender bout with Jerry Lynn interfering on behalf of Private Party. Tony Khan sat ringside, possibly overseeing the entire operation.

Sabin & Storm did end up getting a title shot on TV, however, Private Party ruined that match out of spite for seeing the veterans skip the line. That plan backfired and resulted in Sabin & Storm being added to the match.

Prediction: Good Brothers retain. By hook or by crook or by invisible hand, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows will find a way to victory. The Good Brothers also have more value as tag champs when they appear on AEW.

X-Division Championship: TJP (c) vs Rohit Raju

TJP donned the Manik mask to get around a stipulation of never challenging Rohit again for the X-Division strap. Manik was successful in becoming champ. Since it was blatantly obvious who was under the mask, TJP eventually dropped the ruse with no repercussions for working around the rules. Rohit brought back on old friend in Shera to give him the edge in the non-title rematch. Shera smashed TJP to hand Rohit the win, thus granting a title shot.

Prediction: Rohit Raju becomes a two-time X-Division king. It is too soon for Shera’s presence to be nullified with a loss. Rohit will cheat as only he can.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz (c) vs Havok & Nevaeh

These two teams met in the finals of the Knockouts tag title tournament with Hogan and Steelz prevailing. That developed into a series of singles matches with Havok and Nevaeh coming out on top. The champs blamed biased officiating, so EVP Scott D’Amore turned this bout into Texas Tornado no DQ rules to minimize the referee’s role.

Prediction: Fire and Flava deserve to continue their reign. There’s a lot of mileage of entertainment left to squeeze out of this duo as champs.

Triple Threat Revolver

Impact is introducing a new match concept for No Surrender. The Triple Threat Revolver is basically a triple threat gauntlet match. The winner of the final combination of three wrestlers will earn an X-Division championship opportunity.

Competitors include Daivari, Suicide, Willie Mack, Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, Chris Bey, Josh Alexander, and Blake Christian. The level of talent involved and the hectic nature of such a contest should make this the most exciting match of the evening.

Trey is likely the favorite due to his surprise return to Impact, but Sami Callihan may be around to provide a timely distraction to test Trey’s mettle when times get tough. Ace, Bey, and Mack are consistently in the hunt for X-Division gold. Daivari, Suicide, and Christian should have some neat moments, but I don’t view them as genuine threats.

Prediction: Josh Alexander will use this win as a stepping stone to singles success. His wrestling skills are deserving of a larger focus.

Hernandez & Brian Myers vs Eddie Edwards & Matt Cardona

Myers and Edwards beefed in the trainer’s room. Edwards went loco on Myers’ eye, so the most professional wrestler paid Hernandez to be backup. Cardona evened the odds to make this ragtag tag bout.

Prediction: Eddie Edwards & Matt Cardona have too much star power to be swept aside. I think Myers’ best strategy would be to provoke Edwards into snapping for a DQ win, but Cardona should be just enough of a steadying influence to prevent that.

Cody Deaner vs Cousin Jake

Deaner saw the light to join Eric Young’s crew of lunatics. Cousin Jake declined the offer. Now, they fight.

Prediction: Cody Deaner will prevail due to an edge in viciousness. When it comes down to it, I think Deaner would permanently injure his cousin. I don’t think Jake would take it that far, and that will cost him in the end.

Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, & Susan vs Jordynne Grace, Jazz, & ODB

The bad girls meddled in babyface business. ODB happened to be in the Impact Zone and ran out to even the odds. Susan demanded this trios match, so it was made.

Prediction: Grace, Jazz, and ODB will win as Purrazzo’s next Knockouts challenger emerges. One of the babyfaces will be the star to build momentum for a title shot. I think it will come down to Jazz or ODB, since Grace already had a title series with the champ.

Larry D, Acey Romero, & Tenille Dashwood vs Rosemary, Crazzy Steve, & Black Taurus

Buckle in, because the explanation for this match is quite wacky.

Rosemary created a magic potion as cologne to turn Larry D into Laurence D. The idea was to have Mr. D target Rosemary with affection so that John E. Bravo would become jealous and be forced to pursue her with love. That led to a wedding between Rosemary and Bravo, where Bravo was shot in the chest. Long story short, Taya used that cologne to transform Larry to Laurence so he would shoot Bravo. Larry went to jail and was eventually freed when Taya was discovered as the culprit. Larry blames Rosemary for the whole ordeal and has lots of anger to release.

Since XXXL don’t want to hit a lady, Tenille Dashwood happily volunteered to act as their right hand against the demon assassin. The social media influencer had been previously feuding with Rosemary anyway. Decay needed a third for the match, so Rosemary announced the addition of Black Taurus to the family.

Prediction: Black Taurus will propel Decay to victory. The AAA luchador is badass. Impact should present him as such with a win in his first outing with Decay. I’m predicting the actual pin would be Rosemary on Larry after Taurus sets it up.

Enjoy a birthday message from Cody Rhodes to Tommy Dreamer as you wait for No Surrender tonight at 8 pm ET on the Impact Plus app.

Share your predictions for No Surrender in the comments below. Which match do you think will steal the show?

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