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W. Morrissey makes Matt Cardona bleed on Impact Wrestling

Matt Cardona is always ready. That also applies to bleeding. Cardona had a helping hand from W. Morrissey to gush red during the main event of Impact Wrestling (Dec. 9).

Last week, the main event for Hard to Kill was announced for Moose to defend the Impact World Championship in a triple threat against Cardona and Morrissey. This week, Cardona spoke about his quest for a world title opportunity.

Morrissey stepped in to put down mid-Cardona for never sticking up for himself. That’s why Cardona is in the spot he’s been in for his career. Morrissey is a man that takes what he deserves, and he deserves a singles match one-on-one for the world title. Cardona had enough of Morrissey’s threats, so he wanted to take it to the ring. If Morrissey can beat him, then he will step out of the triple threat title bout.

Later, Moose tried to cozy up to Morrissey. He wanted to help take out Cardona. Morrissey didn’t trust Moose and preferred to do it himself.

Match time! Morrissey pounded Cardona before the bell. Morrissey rolled his prey into the ring. Ding, ding, ding. Cardona exploded for a facebreaker and a quick pin, but Morrissey kicked out. The 7-footer went back on the attack to tenderize Cardona. He smashed Cardona into the ring post to draw blood and added insult to injury with punches to the wound.

Down the stretch, Cardona fired up for a comeback, but he couldn’t muster the energy to finish due to blood loss. Cardona collapsed to the mat when he had Morrissey hurt from a leaping leg lariat. Cardona used the ropes to rise to his feet then turned around into a big boot.

Morrissey stomped a mudhole in the corner. He dropped low to pound Cardona with fists. The referee physically intervened to grab Morrissey. His response was to shed the ref off his shoulder. The official tumbled down and called for a disqualification.

Morrissey was enraged at the decision and booted the ref in the face. Since Cardona won by a technicality, Morrissey realized that he had to injure Cardona to keep him out of Hard to Kill.

Morrissey powerbombed Cardona. Chelsea Green ran out to protect her man. She pleaded with Morrissey to cease his assault. Moose entered urging Morrissey to do more damage. Morrissey wasn’t taking orders from Moose. The champ shoved Morrissey, so Morrissey gave him a big boot. Morrissey shoved Green across the ring. That’s when Cardona fired up to tackle Morrissey and knock him outside. Cardona picked up the Impact world title belt to hold high as the show closed.

That’s an odd way to present Cardona. Book him into the world title match, get his ass kicked, force the referee to save him to score a cheap win, then stand tall in the end. It doesn’t inspire much confidence in his future prospects at Hard to Kill on January 8.

Do you believe Cardona will leave Hard to Kill as Impact world champ?

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