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Impact recap: The IInspiration & Tenille Dashwood share an Australian reunion

When the IInspiration became free agents from WWE, it made total sense to join Tenille Dashwood in Impact as fellow Australians. It took awhile for them to share the screen together, but it was glorious once it finally happened.

Jessie McKay and Cassie Lee achieved success immediately in Impact by winning the Knockouts tag titles from Decay. Dashwood had been away on vacation. When she returned on Impact Wrestling Thursday night (Dec. 2), she was taken aback at the news that a new pair of Australian ladies showed up. Dashwood ventured to get to the bottom of it. Her reaction made it feel like there was room for only one woman from the Land Down Under.

Dashwood had Madison Rayne and Kaleb Konley by her side when she stumbled upon the IInspiration. The ladies exchanged serious expressions. Tension was high. All of a sudden, the three Australians broke out into screams of jubilation. Konley vibed with the good energy, but Rayne was a little confused. The quintet locked arms to strut down the hallway.

Impact was light on clips this week. Here’s a set of images to feel the moment.

The gal pals’ inspirational influence of happiness may not last long. They’ve already been booked for a tag match next week. McKay, Lee, Dashwood, & Rayne will compete against the Decay squad of Rosemary, Havok, Crazzy Steve, & Black Taurus. The creepy crew are coming to crush the party.

Let’s blitz through the rest of the show.

The main event angle opened the program. (Full details here.) Moose interrupted Matt Cardona’s promo and fisticuffs ensued. W. Morrissey helped Moose, so Eddie Edwards ran out to even the odds. Backstage, Scott D’Amore gave Cardona the opportunity to make a case for a title shot. Cardona & Edwards versus Moose & Morrissey was booked. Later, Moose convinced Morrissey to focus on taking out Cardona. Moose offered a title match coming to Morrissey, but the 7-footer didn’t fully believe him on honoring his word. For the match, Cardona scored a surprise roll-up on Moose to win. Afterward, Morrissey sensed the title promise was kaput, so he booted Moose in the face to make a statement. D’Amore came out to book a three-way world title match between Moose, Cardona, and Morrissey for Hard to Kill on January 8.

Next week, D’Amore will announce the six ladies to compete in the Knockouts Ultimate X at Hard to Kill. Jordynne Grace, Rachael Ellering, Tasha Steelz, and Savannah Evans all wanted in. After trash talk, a match was made between Ellering and Evans. Ellering was victorious via fireman’s carry cutter.

Drama King requested a match against Chris Sabin to experience his art. It was one of the oddest challenges in recent memory.

Sabin won with a Cradle Shock. In a side story, Deonna Purrazzo joined Drama King ringside. When she trifled in the bout, Mickie James ran out to neutralize her current nemesis. James & Sabin versus Purrazzo & Drama King was announced for next week.

Chelsea Green and Alisha Edwards both told D’Amore that they want to be part of the Knockouts Ultimate X match. Jai Vidal approached the Impact boss asking for another opportunity to prove himself. D’Amore obliged with a match against JONAH. Squash win for the big man. JONAH grabbed a mic explaining his motives for arriving in Impact. (Full details here.) He’s eyeing Moose and Josh Alexander. Moose is champ, and JONAH wants that belt. For Alexander, everyone talks about him being the best wrestler in the world. Alexander needs to go through JONAH to prove it.

Even though Trey Miguel is still X-Division champ, he was frustrated that he hasn’t pinned Steve Maclin yet. Maclin rushed Trey to brawl backstage. Trey climbed a structure to leap down onto Maclin and security.

VSK and Zicky Dice phoned Brian Myers about their recent failures. They will make it right in a tag bout against FinJuice.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeated Joe Doering & Deaner of Violent by Design. Swann picked up the pin on Deaner after a 450 splash. Afterward, Eric Young’s group of goons attacked Swann and Mack. Rhino and Heath ran out for a fight with VBD. It was announced that Young and Rhino will meet in a street fight next week.

Johnny Swinger and Hernandez chatted about Wrestle House 2. Rohit Raju and Raj Singh wanted to know why they weren’t invited. Lawrence D entered with his stinky cologne to say he didn’t want riff-raff at the manor. Words became heated between Rohit and Lawrence.

The Hard to Kill main event is set. I’m so-so on Cardona as a prime player, but I love the addition of Morrissey into the mix. The 7-footer has looked great since debuting in Impact. I assume the world title story is eventually setting up for Alexander to get revenge on Moose, but I would not be disappointed if Morrissey walked out of that bout as the new champ.

Moose’s character has been a little disappointing since winning gold. In the chase, he was ruthless looking to smash anyone in his way. Now, he’s scared of mid-carders. There could be room to explore if Moose is experiencing impostor syndrome. He worked so hard to get to the top, and he finally achieved it with a cheap cash-in against an unprepared Alexander. That might not sit well in Moose’s subconscious.

Share your thoughts on Impact. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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