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Impact’s VHS release of Slammiversary was a quick sellout

File this in the WTF file. Impact decided to take the creative route with merchandise for this year’s Slammiversary by releasing a collector’s edition VHS tape.

That certainly sounds strange. I didn’t know VCRs still existed, aside from old dusty ones stored away in the basement. People cooler than me have said VHS and music cassettes are coming back in style as a niche product. There must be a nostalgia for the satisfying feeling of rewinding tapes after viewing them. This offering is a double tape. That means twice the fun!

I’m wondering if the break between tape one and tape two happens in the middle of a match. There’s nothing like fumbling around trying to insert the tape as quickly as possible to find out what happens next in the program. I’m also curious if Impact inserted any snazzy music on the screen that tells you to change tapes.

Impact clearly knows their customers, because the VHS tapes sold out quickly.

There is no mention of how many were available in the “extremely limited” stock, but enough people thought $25 was worth it to see Sami Callihan slice Kenny Omega with a pizza cutter in the main event.

If Impact tries this experiment again, then the logical next step would be VHS tapes for their upcoming fantasy throwback IPWF show on December 18. The IPWF is Impact’s 1983 version of WWE’s Southpaw Regional Wrestling gimmick.

If Impact wants to get really wacky, then they should release the IPWF show on Betamax.

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