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JONAH explains reasons for coming to Impact

JONAH (fka Bronson Reed) arrived in Impact at Turning Point and made a mighty impression in a bloody beatdown of Josh Alexander. JONAH arrived in the Impact Zone for TV to explain the method behind his madness.

First things first. You don’t bring in a bruiser like that to just talk. JONAH was put into a match against local Las Vegas talent Jai Vidal. It was quick domination closed out by a delayed vertical suplex, running senton, and flying splash.

After victory, JONAH grabbed the mic to speak his mind. The wrestling world is talking about him as the Top Dog. That’s because he takes over wherever he goes. The reason for appearing in NJPW was to stand face to face with Impact world champ Moose. Being champ is something that JONAH deserves. Before he gets to Moose, he wants to deal with Josh Alexander. All JONAH keeps hearing about is that Alexander is the best wrestler in the world. To be the best, Alexander has to go through the Top Dog.

Alexander was absent from this week’s program. Expect a fiery rebuttal in time. JONAH and Alexander are definitely on a collision course.

Will you be rooting for Josh Alexander or JONAH?

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