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Sex Ferguson, Santa Claus, and Al Snow highlight Impact’s 1984 throwback special

Impact traveled back in time to 1984 for Throwback Throwdown II. The show was their fantasy retro wrestling experiment with IPWF for Winter War ’84. Sex Ferguson battled Santa Claus in a North Pole street fight, Al Snow found head, and Matt Cardona reunited with Brian Myers to fight Russians.

In the main event, Sex Ferguson (Doc Gallows) defended the IPWF International Commonwealth Television Championship against Santa Claus in a North Pole street fight. Ferguson previously won the belt from Downtown Daddy Brown (Willie Mack). A no-rematch clause was instituted, so Brown was out of luck. Or was he? Santa Claus looked suspiciously similar to Brown.

Santa’s sack of plunder included a crutch, broom, and reindeer mask.

In the end, Ferguson intended to smash Santa with a beer can, but the golden beverage was too tempting. Sex was distracted sipping on the brew. That’s when Santa mounted his comeback. A kick to the midsection led to a stunner.

Santa pinned Ferguson with a running senton to become the new champ. The mask was removed to reveal himself as Downtown Daddy Brown. The locker room emptied in support of Brown.

Al Snow made a cameo as Dr. Snow. Frank The Butcher (Rhino) had his throat slit, so he was in need of an emergency tracheotomy. Unfortunately, Snow was knocked out by wild man shenanigans. When Snow woke up later, he found head.

Also of note, Matt Cardona and Brian Myers reunited as a tag team. They played the characters GI Broski and Brian Bone-Crunchin of S.T.O.M.P. in Paradise.

S.T.O.M.P. in Paradise wrestled a pair of Russians in Sergey the Siberian (Madman Fulton) and Stalingrad Strangler (Tony Gunn). GI Broski used a super soaker to spray Sergey in the eyes. The American heroes teamed up on the Strangler to win with a teamwork flying neckbreaker and Samoan drop. The winning duo celebrated with Pabst beer, which was the sponsor for the evening.

If you are wondering whether you should seek this out for viewing, it is tough to say. The show is too much of an oddball to call. Throwback Throwdown II is something you need to see to decide for yourself. The style of humor is very niche. I thought the show was creative, but I also thought the entertainment level was mediocre at best and terrible at worst. There were a few belly laughs, however, it didn’t do much to tickle my funny bone overall. It probably didn’t help stretching out the gimmick for a full three hours.

On the bright side, we were treated to Josh Mathews and Gia Miller wrestling. They were pretty good for the type of match intended. Jordynne Grace and Havok had a decent fight. W. Morrissey was amusing as a giant being chopped down by lumberjack Josh Alexander.

Get the full results here. The entire cast of characters included:

  • Josh Mathews as Giuseppe Scovelli, Jr.
  • Matt Striker as Gord Leroux
  • Crazzy Steve as Dexter Petticoat
  • Jackson Stone as “The Mysterious” Mr. E
  • Sam Beale as Duke Winchester
  • Doc Gallows as Sex Ferguson
  • Scott D’Amore as Giuseppe Scovelli, Sr.
  • Willie Mack as Santa Claus & Downtown Daddy Brown
  • Karl Anderson as Chad 2 Badd
  • Trey Miguel as Bill Ding
  • Johnny Swinger as Johnny Swinger
  • Mike Jackson as Mikey Singer
  • Chris Sabin & partner as Sunday Morning Express
  • Ace Austin as Rip Rayzor
  • Gia Miller as Rusty Iron
  • Rhino as Frank The Butcher
  • Jordynne Grace as “Rough Ryder” Georgia Cobb
  • Havok as Lady Bird Johnston
  • Al Snow as Dr. Snow
  • Rohit Raju as Quincy Cosmos
  • Deonna Purrazzo as Ima Belle
  • Moose as DJ 2 Large
  • John E. Bravo as Colonel E. Corn
  • Heath as Pelvis Wesley
  • Larry D as Badlands Bart
  • Jake Something as “Hard” Harry Hall
  • Sami Callihan as Sonny Sanders
  • Jimmy Jacobs as Sebastian Baker
  • Josh Alexander as Tim Burr
  • W. Morrissey as Erik “The Red” Wood
  • Madison Rayne as Jazzy Fitbody
  • Archibald Peck as The $237,000 Man
  • Savannah Evans as Wanda The Werewoman
  • Matt Cardona as GI Broski
  • Brian Meyers as Brian Bone-Crunchin

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