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Matt Cardona hit Chelsea Green in the head with a chair during Impact world title contract signing

The main event segment on Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling (Dec. 16, 2021) was the contract signing for Moose to defend the Impact World Championship against W. Morrissey and Matt Cardona in a triple threat at the Hard to Kill PPV on January 8. What could possibly go wrong with a professional wrestling contract signing?

It turns out quite a bit. Matt Cardona hit Chelsea Green in the head with a chair. They are engaged to wed in real life on New Year’s Eve. Even though Cardona is a deathmatch king, party crasher in the NWA worlds title picture, and future Impact main-eventer, getting out of the doghouse on this one may be his toughest challenge to date.

The contract signing started out peaceful enough. All three competitors made their way to the ring. Scott D’Amore played favorites offering Cardona to sign first. Morrissey snatched the paperwork, because he takes what he deserves. Morrissey’s message was that he’s not here to play games nor make friends. He is here to become Impact world champion. Morrissey signed on the dotted line then exited the ring.

Cardona was next to speak his mind and sign the contract. He addressed Moose trying to kill his passion. Nobody in the history of this business has been counted out and came back more times than Cardona. He may be hard to kill, but his passion is impossible to kill. Cardona likes to say he’s always ready. He’s never been more ready than for Hard to Kill.

Moose had one question for Cardona. Do you really want to step in the ring versus the greatest world champion in all of professional wrestling? Cardona snickered and claimed Moose is scared of losing the belt. Moose clarified the reason for his question. He already knows how this will end. Cardona will fail like he always does and prove he’ll never be more than what he is right now. Moose signed the contract.

Moose turned his focus to Chelsea Green by Cardona’s side. The champ admired Green’s loyalty for choosing to wake up each morning and staying with an average man. He respects Green for believing that Cardona could be a top guy one day. But, what happens once Moose crushes that dream to prove he will always be Mid-Cardona? Will Green stay loyal or leave like the whore she is?

Cardona struck Moose with the mic and leaped over the table to land punches. Moose fired back with a big boot and slammed Cardona through the table. Moose stood tall holding the title high.

As Moose exited up the ramp, D’Amore yelled in his ear about the skirmish. Moose had a change of mind and returned to the ring. He shoved Green onto her keister and commenced punching Cardona. Moose grabbed a pair of chairs with intent to break Cardona’s neck. As he aimed to swing, Green grabbed the chair. She refused to release. Cardona regained his wits, picked up the other chair, and swung wildly. Moose saw it coming and dodged. The steel collided with Green. The love of Cardona’s life was laid out by his own hand. Moose backed away with a huge grin.

Cardona is sorry for his actions and plans on making Moose a dead man at Hard to Kill.

For what’s it worth, Green is still sticking by her man and blaming Moose.

Who do you believe is at fault for Green being hit by a chair? Did this segment ramp up your excitement for the Hard to Kill main event?

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