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Minoru Suzuki victorious in Impact in-ring debut

Japanese legend Minoru Suzuki entered an Impact ring and came away victorious in his debut.

Suzuki formed a strange alliance with Moose and W. Morrissey to engage in trios action against Josh Alexander, Eddie Edwards, and Matt Cardona. The other five men were motivated in regard to the Impact World Championship. Suzuki was motivated in putting hands on Alexander.

Suzuki entered in style for the fans to chant, “Kaze Ni Nare!”

Moose and Alexander started off the match, but Suzuki leaned in for a tag before any action took place. Moose obliged, and Suzuki dueled with Alexander. Suzuki used a knee to the midsection for the early advantage before tagging out.

Later, Cardona was rocking, so Suzuki suckered him over for an armbar in the ropes.

Suzuki laid his licks in to flatten Cardona with a forearm.

After an extended beatdown by the bad guys, Cardona broke free for a hot tag to Alexander. The former champ fired up with three German suplexes to Moose. Alexander and Edwards played ping pong with Morrissey ending with a German suplex from Alexander and a Blue Thunder Bomb from Edwards. Suzuki made the save.

That led to another exchange of fisticuffs between Suzuki and Alexander. Both sides reset then attacked for a melee. Moose took out Cardona with a big boot to the mush. Alexander cleaned Moose’s clock on a ripcord elbow strike. When attempting a double underhook piledriver, Suzuki ran over to push Moose down on the save. Alexander let go, then Suzuki snookered him into a sleeper and a Gotch piledriver. Edwards kicked Suzuki and went for a double underhook. Morrissey stepped in with a bog boot to Edwards and a vicious powerbomb for victory.

Suzuki was impressive in his Impact in-ring debut. He worked smart with his teammates for crucial saves while also focusing his rage at appropriate times. Suzuki has yet to explain his reason for targeting Alexander. Despite that, Impact has built up the anticipation effectively to see them compete in a badass singles contest.

How do you rate Impact’s usage of Minoru Suzuki so far?

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