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Mickie James defends Knockouts title against 5-time champ then next challenger emerges

After Mickie James won the Knockouts Championship from Deonna Purrazzo at Bound for Glory, she is wasting no time in lining up challengers. First up was five-time champ Madison Rayne to renew an old rivalry on Impact Wrestling.

(In reference to the Locker Room Talk question in the clip above, that was a different story involving the IInspiration and ghosts.)

The x-factor was Kaleb Konley ringside to assist Rayne in opportune moments. At one point, he tried to pull Rayne out of harm’s way by yanking her arms. James grabbed Rayne’s feet for a comical tug of war.

With James on a roll, Konley shoved her off the turnbuckles while Rayne distracted the referee. Rayne scurried over for a pin, but James kicked out. Later, Konley jumped on the apron to take James’ attention. Rayne pounced for a ripcord cutter. James kicked out on that cover as well.

The final straw came when Konley tried to slap James’ cheeks as payback for being slapped last week. James ducked, and Konley’s hand collided with the ring post. James took out the trash using an Irish whip to send Konley crashing into the ring steps.

James regained focus to pin Rayne on a flying Thesz press and retain her title.

James celebration was cut short when Mercedes Martinez emerged on stage. Martinez had much respect for James, however, she was out there to cash in the title shot she earned by winning the Knockouts Knockdown tournament.

James versus Martinez for the Knockouts Championship was made official for Turning Point on November 20.

Are you favoring Mickie James or Mercedes Martinez in their title fight?

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