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The IInspiration recruit ghosts to fight ghosts in Impact

It was a spooky night for the IInspiration in the Impact Zone. Jessie McKay and Cassie Lee clearly didn’t know what kind of world they were stepping into when joining the Knockouts division, but they quickly learned that ghosts, demons, and undead brides haunt the place.

Fresh off winning the tag titles at Bound for Glory, they were invited as guests for Madison Rayne’s Locker Room Talk. Or so they thought. It turned out to be a trap set by former champs Rosemary and Havok.

When the ladies tried to escape, Cassie opened the door to see Decay blocking the way. She then looked into the mirror to see Rosemary and Havok staring back. When Jessie took a peak, the mirror was normal. After they exited, the mirror turned to reveal the words Turning Point, which is the name of Impact’s next special event on November 20.

Later, the IInspiration ran into interviewer Gia Miller. Cassie was still shaken by seeing ghosts, however, Jessie blamed it on dehydration. Cassie didn’t mind offering a rematch, but she isn’t here to be a ghost buster. Miller made a wisecrack about other oddities in Impact, such as undead bridesmaids Kimber Lee and Brandi Lauren. That’s when Cassie hatched an idea to recruit ghosts to fight ghosts.

The IInspiration eventually stumbled upon the undead bridesmates in the dark corners backstage. They approached Kimber and Brandi with a request to wrestle Decay next week. The undead bridesmaids cackled with laughter about collecting more souls for Su Yung. Jessie and Cassie presumed that was a yes.

Impact officially announced undead bridesmaids versus demons as Kimber Lee & Brandi Lauren battle Rosemary & Havok next week. Decay’s tag title rematch with the IInspiration was also confirmed for Turning Point.

This was an amusing arc introducing the IInspiration to the ridiculous nature of Impact. Jessie and Cassie played it perfectly as people too busy to even watch the show. Imagine how crazy it would be to walk blindly into this mischief. Impact wrapped it all together for everything to make sense in the continuity of their own world.

Only one question needs to be asked after watching the IInspiration’s exploits. Do you believe in ghosts?

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