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Old Bullet Club and new Bullet Club set to collide for Impact tag titles

Impact is heating up for fans of the Bullet Club. A showdown is set between members of old against the new generation for the tag titles at Turning Point on November 20.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were in need of challengers, so David Finlay and Juice Robinson stepped up trying to earn the opportunity last week. That duel busted when Chris Bey, El Phantasmo, and Hikuleo crashed the party for a groin punch frenzy. To make up for the intrusion, Scott D’Amore booked FinJuice versus Bullet Club in a #1 contender bout for this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

Bullet Club switched their lineup to have Bey and ELP in the ring with Hikuleo outside as enforcer. FinJuice started strong with Robinson picking up steam on a squatting senton.

Bullet Club used teamwork and distractions to take control with cheap tactics, such as back rakes and nipple twisting. Hikuleo joined in on the fun by dropping Robinson across the guardrail. The Bullet Club also managed to execute smooth offensive flurries.

Down the stretch, FinJuice had momentum for the Doomsday Device to Bey. As Finlay stood on the turnbuckles ready for liftoff, ELP grabbed his foot. Finlay called an audible to land a flying crossbody onto Hikuleo as ELP ducked out of the way. Bey countered the electric chair position atop Robinson’s shoulders for a Victory Roll pin. He had a clear three count, but the referee was occupied clearing traffic outside the ring. Robinson was able to roll it over for top position. ELP saved the Bey with a superkick to Robinson. Bey secured the pinfall for victory.

After the contest, the Good Brothers marched to the ring looking to brawl. They cleared out Bey and ELP, but Hikuleo was another matter. The big man knocked around Anderson and Gallows. That stage is now set for old Bullet Club versus new Bullet Club for the Impact tag titles at Turning Point.

Which Bullet Club duo are you backing?

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