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The IInspiration and WCW’s The Demon explain reasons for coming to Impact

Two cool moments from Impact’s Bound for Glory PPV were The IInspiration winning tag team gold in their debut and WCW’s The Demon showing up as a surprise entrant in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. Jessie McKay, Cassie Lee, and The Demon explained their reasons for coming to the promotion during Impact Wrestling (Oct. 28).

Gia Miller spoke with The IInspiration for an exclusive interview. Miller oddly declined an offer for water, because she wasn’t hungry. Perhaps she didn’t understand their accents. The IInspiration came to Impact to give back and inspire the Knockouts division. When pressed for more, Jessie and Cassie spouted off catchphrases as worldwide stars, Australian legends, and inspiration leaders. The duo proceeded to shoo Miller away. Even though the IInspiration were clearly not in the mood to get into details, they were full of attitude.

As for The Demon, he came to Impact because he heard demons are welcome there. It even looks like The Demon will be sticking around for at least one more match. Johnny Swinger felt down about losing his illegal underground casino and also being tricked by the Gene Simmons imposter. Swinger claimed demons weren’t welcome, however, Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus showed him otherwise. That will likely lead to a trios bout in the near future.

Nothing of substance was revealed in those two scenes, but it was all good fun seeing familiar faces pop up in Impact.

Were you inspired by Jessie McKay, Cassie Lee, or The Demon?

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