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Eric Young returns to action by fooling Heath & Rhino

Impact Wrestling has a main event player back in the mix.

Eric Young went down to injury with a torn ACL in March. He didn’t miss any TV time acting in a managerial role as leader of Violent by Design, however, he was careful not to get involved in fisticuffs. Young used that to his advantage to fool Heath and Rhino when the time was right to reveal his heath as 100%.

The charade took place after Heath battled VBD member Joe Doering to a no-contest. Rhino and Deaner were ringside and ended up brawling in the ring. With so much chaos afoot, the referee called for the bell to throw the match out.

Once the match was officially over, Young tried to sneak in to hit Rhino. The War Machine spotted the trap and teased throwing hands. Young pointed to his injured knee in an effort to appeal to Rhino’s honor. When Rhino backed off to pummel Deaner some more, Young exploded for a discus clothesline. Young proceeded to demonstrate that he is healed. He climbed the corner for a flying elbow drop on Rhino then took out Heath with a piledriver.

Young’s presence adds depth to the top of Impact’s roster. He has enough career credibility to serve in a main event pinch or be built up toward another title run. First things first though. Young will have to deal with Heath and Rhino, who will no doubt be looking for payback.

Are you excited to see Eric Young return to action in Impact?

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