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Bullet Club fails in two title matches at Impact Bound for Glory

It was a rough night for the Bullet Club at Impact’s Bound for Glory PPV. Not only did they come up short in two title match three-ways, but their men ended up eating the pins.

The woes started with El Phantasmo competing for the vacant X-Division Championship against Trey Miguel and Steve Maclin. Trey was the high-flyer, Maclin was the power man, and ELP was the jackal picking at bones. Phantasmo had a moment close to victory when he powerbombed Maclin off the turnbuckles, used a super hurricanrana to send Trey crashing on top of Maclin, then followed with a flying splash. Unfortunately for Phantasmo, Maclin kicked out.

In the end, Maclin ate kicks to the head knocking him out of the ring. Phantasmo decided to get dirty and go for the groin punch on Trey, but Trey planned ahead and wore a protective cup to block the blow. Two kicks to the head, a brainbuster, and a Meteora flying double knees earned the win for Trey to become new X-Division champion.

Later in the show, the Bullet Club duo of Chris Bey and Hikuleo had their chance to win tag team gold from the Good Brothers.

Perpetual pests FinJuice were also in the match. There was a Too Sweet showdown that was perhaps foreshadowing to the result. Hikuleo did the hand motion low, but Luke Gallows corrected him to do it up high since he was part of the group that, “made that shit famous.” Hikuleo responded with a kick to the gut.

Down the stretch, everyone was down after a flurry of moves. FinJuice was first up and rallied toward the finish. David Finlay superplexed Bey, then Juice Robinson followed for a flying splash. Karl Anderson sneakily tossed Robinson off the cover and out of the ring to steal the win. That made the Bullet Club 0-for-2 on the disappointing evening.

Bound for Glory was certainly not too sweet for the Bullet Club. “Switchblade” Jay White needs to knock on the Forbidden Door again to help right the ship for his men.

Find full results from Bound For Glory here.

What are your suggestions to help the Bullet Club recover from this terrible evening?

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