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WCW’s The Demon highlights several surprise entrants for Impact Call Your Shot Gauntlet

In the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Impact’s Bound for Glory PPV, Moose stood tall in victory. That wasn’t the only story coming from the match. There were also plenty of neat surprise entrants. One of those was The Demon from WCW. Yes, you read that right. The Demon was in the house.

The Call Your Shot Gauntlet has Royal Rumble rules with the final two competing for pinfall or submission. This year’s version had two-minute intervals between contestants.

The surprises kicked off early with Rocky Romero as #2.

Romero’s shining moment was a windmill windup teasing a haymaker only to deliver an eye-poke. Romero ended up being the first elimination, at the hands of Rohit Raju.

Melina was the next surprise at #9.

Melina had a taste of Impact when promoting her Knockouts Championship challenge to Deonna Purrazzo for NWA Empowerrr, and she was back for more. Melina eliminated Tasha Steelz then was sent packing by sneaky Brian Myers. If Melina sticks around for this set of TV tapings, wrestling Steelz would be interesting.

The biggest surprise of all for this match came at #10. The Demon!

The Demon was a character from WCW relating to the rock band KISS. He earned an elimination when starstruck Johnny Swinger asked for an autograph. The Demon signed the notebook then promptly tossed the Swingman. The Demon’s night ended at the hands of Ace Austin.

The final surprise was the return of Eddie Edwards at #18. He had been put in the hospital after a vicious beating from Moose and W. Morrissey. Edwards was back with vengeance on his mind. It helped that his wife was #19. Alisha Edwards brought out two kendo sticks. They immediately took turns whacking Moose over and over. They hit him so hard that the sticks began breaking apart.

Morrissey entered at #20 to restore order. He pressed Alisha out of the ring then worked with Moose to deliver a big boot sending Eddie over the ropes. Moose and Morrissey cleaned house whittling it down to Rich Swann and Matt Cardona as the final four.

Morrissey hoisted Swann up into a fireman’s carry. As he was trying to dump Swann, Moose swooped in from behind to eliminate both men. Moose and Morrissey always claimed they were not friends, and that proved it.

Moose pounded on Cardona. Cardona rallied with a clothesline. He climbed the corner and launched for the Radio Silence flying leg lariat. Moose evaded the maneuver then exploded for a spear to win. Moose’s prize is a shot at any title at any time.

Moose wasted little time by cashing in his trophy to win the Impact World Championship later in the evening.

The full lineup in order included Chris Sabin, Rocky Romero, Madman Fulton, Rohit Raju, Tasha Steelz, Rachael Ellering, Savannah Evans, Johnny Swinger, Melina, The Demon, Brian Myers, Matt Cardona, Laredo Kid, Sam Beale, Rich Swann, Ace Austin, Moose, Eddie Edwards, Alisha Edwards, and W. Morrissey.

The order of elimination was:

1. Rocky Romero by Rohit Raju
2. Madman Fulton by Chris Sabin & Rachael Ellering
3. Savannah Evans by Rachael Ellering
4. Rachael Ellering by Tasha Steelz
5. Johnny Swinger by The Demon
6. Tasha Steelz by Melina
7. Melina by Brian Myers
8. Brian Myers by Sam Beale
9. The Demon by Ace Austin
10. Sam Beale by Moose
11. Laredo Kid by Eddie Edwards
12. Alisha Edwards by W. Morrissey
13. Eddie Edwards by W. Morrissey
14. Rohit Raju by Moose & W. Morrissey
15. Ace Austin by Chris Sabin
16. Chris Sabin by Moose & W. Morrissey
17. Rich Swann by Moose
18. W. Morrissey by Moose
19. Matt Cardona by Moose
Winner: Moose

Find full results from Bound For Glory here.

Which surprise was your favorite?

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