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Best friends Heath and Rhino reunited at Impact Bound for Glory

Rejoice! Heath and Rhino are best friends again. Rhino came through in the clutch to show up as Heath’s tag partner at Impact’s Bound for Glory PPV.

When Heath was out of action due to injury, Rhino lost his way by joining Eric Young’s Violent by Design cult-like crew. Heath came back looking to talk sense into his best buddy, but Rhino was reluctant to make a decision about joining Heath or remaining with VBD. Heath requested a tag match against VBD believing that he could make Rhino see the light. Rhino’s decision was still a mystery up until showtime.

For the match, Heath came out first. He waited and waited for his partner, but Rhino was absent. That forced Heath to go solo against Joe Doering and Deaner. Even though Heath wore fancy pants for the occasion, his fancy moves were no match for the 2-on-1 beatdown. Heath was on the receiving end of a butt-kicking. He rallied for a hot tag, however, nobody was there on the apron to come in. VBD took control again. Heath broke free looking toward his corner.

Gore! Gore! Gore!

Rhino’s music hit, and the War Machine stepped up onto the apron. Heath put his hand out wondering if Rhino would be on his side. His best friend shouted, “Tag me!” Rhino cleaned house. A belly-to-belly suplex sent Doering out of the ring. Deaner was down on the mat. The crowd chanted, “Gore!” Rhino obliged for a Gore to spear Deaner for the win. Heath and Rhino celebrated with a hug.

Rhino was late making an appearance, but he backed his best friend when it mattered most for a feel-good moment. Uncle Rhino is back, baby!

Find full results from Bound For Glory here.

Are you happy to see Heath and Rhino reunited as best friends?

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