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The IInspiration win gold in their Impact debut at Bound For Glory

Cassie Lee’s Instagram

The IInspiration, formerly known in WWE as The IIconics, were booked for a title shot in their first match with Impact Wrestling. And it was at one of the company’s biggest show, their annual fall Bound For Glory PPV.

So it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Cassie Lee (the former Peyton Royce) and Jessica McKay (Billie Kay) won the Knockouts Tag titles in their debut.

Their match against Decay’s Rosemary & Havok opened the PPV portion of the Oct. 23 show from Las Vegas. And they arrived in style, with a live performance of their new theme and a music video like entrance.

The match that followed wasn’t terribly crisp. It looked at the outset like the women who came in with the belts were going to make quick work of the debuting team, with Lee & McKay looking so overmatched it gave the impression this was a comedy squash. The Aussie duo eventually isolated Rosemary and were able to work their way back into the match. Eventually, the teamed up to incapicitate the larger Havok by sending her into the ring post repeatedly, then used a blind tag to catch Rosemary with their sit-out powerbomb/neckbreaker combo tandem finisher.

The IInspiration become the first team to hold WWE Womens and Impact Knockouts Tag gold.

Find full results from Bound For Glory here.

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