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Heath’s friendship with Rhino takes a sad turn

Will he or won’t he? That is the question on the mind of Heath as he prepares to wrestle in tag team action against Eric Young’s Violent by Design crew at Bound for Glory on October 23. The mystery is whether or not Heath will have best friend Rhino by his side.

Rhino was set to address the dilemma in front of the Impact Wrestling crowd. Before Rhino had a chance to speak, he was interrupted by Heath’s music. Heath made his plea to convince Rhino to ditch VBD for good. Heath loves his best friend. His family and daughters miss Uncle Rhino. Rhino had been avoiding eye contact, but the chants of Uncle Rhino finally broke through for a smile.

Before the best friends could have a heartwarming recovery, Young came down to the ring with Violent by Design in tow. He reiterated the message that VBD is forever. They are Rhino’s family now. As Heath and Young exchanged arguments to sway Rhino, Deaner had enough and attacked Heath. Joe Doering joined in as Rhino stood idly by. Rhino finally made a move to lift Deaner off Heath. Young pounced verbally to encourage Rhino to Gore Heath. Rhino dipped out of the ring and walked away.

VBD continued their assault on Heath. The family man screamed for help from Rhino but his best friend never returned. Young cracked a flag pole over Heath’s back as the parting shot.

Impact was setting up a joyous moment of bonding between friends then quickly pulled the rug out from that notion. Rhino’s smile was genuinely heartwarming, and Heath’s cries for help were genuinely heartbreaking. The roller coaster of emotion ended with a sad turn. The doubt remains whether Rhino will see the light of love and kick some VBD butt at Bound for Glory. Heath better have a backup plan, because it’s not looking promising that Rhino will appear as his teammate.

Whatever the outcome, credit to Impact for not missing a beat on Uncle Rhino merch.

Which way to you think Rhino will lean at Bound for Glory?

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