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Impact Digital Media Championship tournament finalists led by Jordynne Grace

A new Impact champion is guaranteed to be crowned at Bound for Glory on October 23. The company held a tournament to determine the inaugural titleholder for the Impact Digital Media Championship. Six wrestlers emerged victorious to compete in the finale.

Let’s run down the tournament results. All matches were under 5 minutes.

John Skyler defeated Zicky Dice. The former NWA TV champ scored a roll-up, but the referee caught him grabbing the tights. Skyler managed to reverse the roll-up for top position, except the referee did not notice Skyler grabbing the tights. 1, 2, 3 to Skyler. Dice was robbed. Outlandish!

Crazzy Steve defeated Hernandez. Johnny Swinger hopped onto the apron as a distraction, so Rosemary bit his leg. That allowed Steve to secure a roll-up win on Hernandaddy.

Fallah Bahh defeated Sam Beale. Bahh caught a flying Beale to counter with a Samoan drop. The Learning Tree failed at trying to help Beale win. VSK distracted the referee, while Zicky Dice and Manny Lemons surrounded Bahh in the corner. Bahh punched both those knuckleheads then crushed Beale with a Bonzai Drop.

Jordynne Grace defeated Johnny Swinger. The Swingman missed a headbutt to the crotch, then Grace unloaded elbows, running corner strikes, and a Vader Bomb. Hernandez saved Swinger by placing his foot on the ropes during the cover. Later, Super Mex grabbed Grace in a full nelson. Grace escaped and shoved Swinger into Hernandez. Grace pounced on Swinger’s back for a rear naked choke to win.

Chelsea Green defeated Madison Rayne. Rayne stacked pin with her feet on the ropes held by Kaleb Konley, but the referee caught the shenanigan. Matt Cardona ran over to pummel Konley. Tenille Dashwood hooked Green, but the Hot Mess wriggled free as Rayne’s discus elbow connected on Dashwood instead. That led to Green hitting the Unprettier for victory.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Alisha Edwards. Alisha was on a roll with momentum until Dashwood dodged a corner charge to take control. Alisha still had fighting spirit and launched for a flying crossbody. She missed and crashed to the mat. Dashwood pounced for the Spotlight Kick to win.

The tournament is available for viewing through the Impact Plus app or the Ultimate Insider subscription to Impact’s YouTube channel. The contests were amusing in the cheeky Impact vibe but nothing that demands your attention.

John Skyler, Crazzy Steve, Fallah Bahh, Jordynne Grace, Chelsea Green, and Tenille Dashwood are set for the six-way finale in the PPV pre-show at 9:30 PM ET on October 23. It it a tough call to pick a winner. Grace is the biggest star. Green has the Internet Championship connection to Cardona. Dashwood is a social media influencer, so this new title would be right up her alley. Any of the men winning would be a surprise.

Who are you picking to win the Impact Digital Media Championship? Who will you be rooting for?

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