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W. Morrissey wins high-stakes Impact battle royal

W. Morrissey is one step closer to calling his shot at glory.

Morrissey previously declared his intentions to participate in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound for Glory on October 23. Impact’s use of the word ‘gauntlet’ means Royal Rumble. The prize allows the winner to challenge for any Impact championship at any time.

To prepare for the gauntlet, Impact held a battle royal with a catch. The last person standing will enter the gauntlet at #20. The last person eliminated will enter the gauntlet at #1.

Morrissey, Moose, Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Chris Sabin, Matt Cardona, Brian Myers, Jake Something, Petey Williams, Fallah Bahh, Drama King, Hernandez, Black Taurus, Laredo Kid, Raj Singh, Johnny Swinger, Rachael Ellering, Kimber Lee, Brandi Lauren, and Alisha Edwards went to the ring for the battle royal.

The nitty-gritty came down to Morrissey, Moose, Sabin, Ace, Madman, and Cardona. Cardona had Ace down in the corner. As Cardona charged for a corner attack, Madman body checked him out of the ring. Madman was next to be toppled. He booted Morrissey and Moose in a showdown of big men. As Madman roared to the crowd, Moose and Morrissey sent him packing. Ace tried to convince the giants to team up on Sabin, but Moose and Morrissey tossed Ace over the ropes instead.

Sabin had to stick and move against the monsters. He low-bridged Moose over the ropes onto the apron. Sabin dodged Morrissey, who had to stop short from colliding with Moose. Sabin used that to his advantage for a low dropkick to knock Moose down to the floor for an elimination.

The final two were Morrissey and Sabin. One man would be #1 in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet, and the other man would be #20. Sabin was making leeway trying to push Morrissey over the ropes, but Moose was there to push back and assist the 7-footer. Sabin fired up for a flurry of punches, then Morrissey swatted him like a fly with a hammering blow. Morrissey finished the job to toss Sabin out.

Being 7 feet tall is already a huge plus for Impact gauntlet matches. Morrissey now has the benefit of being the final wrestler to enter. Even though Sabin has to start the match, something tells me that this battle royal finish will be revisited when Sabin survives long enough to rumble with Morrissey once again.

The current Bound for Glory lineup includes:

  • Impact World Championship: Christian Cage (c) vs. Josh Alexander
  • Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Mickie James
  • X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel vs. Steve Maclin vs. El Phantasmo
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: Good Brothers (c) vs. TBD (FinJuice or Bullet Club)
  • Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Rosemary & Havok (c) vs. IInspiration
  • Call Your Shot Gauntlet: Chris Sabin at #1, W. Morrissey at #20, Rich Swann, Brian Myers, Moose, and more to be announced
  • Violent by Design vs. Heath & Rhino(?)

El Phantasmo’s latest trip through the Forbidden Door has been a success thus far. The Bullet Club member from NJPW was victorious in a triple threat against Willie Mack and Rohit Raju to earn his spot in the X-Division title match.

Impact finally listened to the Good Brothers’ advice and booked FinJuice versus the Bullet Club duo of Chris Bey and Hikuleo for next week. The winner will become #1 contender for the tag titles at Bound for Glory.

Heath requested a tag match against Violent by Design. He’s hoping Rhino will appear by his side, but that is no guarantee.

Is the Bound for Glory card looking strong to your eye?

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