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Heath makes surprise appearance in Impact back from injury

Heath was riding high last year. Heath finally had a contract with Impact Wrestling, his best friend Rhino planned to cash in the Call Your Shot trophy for the tag titles, and he could afford a swimming pool for his kids. All of that quickly crumbled due to a hernia injury.

Scott D’Amore welched on the contract until Heath could return healthy, Rhino turned on his partner to join Eric Young’s Violent by Design crew, and I would guess that his kids got the water hose mudhole treatment to cool down in the summer heat.

Heath’s fortunes are ready to rise once again, because he’s back in Impact, baby!

The story involved Rhino contemplating cutting ties with Violent by Design. A few weeks ago, he stood up to Eric Young for taking the blame on a loss. That resulted in a beatdown from Joe Doering and Deaner. This week, Young wanted an answer if Rhino would remain with the group.

VBD took to the ring with Young demanding Rhino’s decision. Rhino should realize that he made a mistake and forced VBD to take violent action. This is the necessary path for Rhino to reach his purest form as the War Machine. Young said Rhino is either with them or he can walk away. However, nobody walks away.

Rhino solemnly entered to the ring. Young persisted for a decision. Fans chanted for a Gore. The longer Rhino delayed, VBD impatiently surrounded him. Just as Young’s goon squad was ready to pounce, Heath’s music hit.

Heath cleaned house on Doering and Deaner. Young rolled out to safety. All the while, Rhino remained stoic in the corner. The two friends locked eyes. Heath opened his arms for a hug, but Rhino dipped out to exit the ring and out the back way.

What high drama. The decision by Rhino was riveting enough with Young’s cult leader behavior. Heath’s surprise return to pop VBD in the mouth upped the ante. The topper was Rhino never giving his answer and retreating in solitude. Impact’s sword of storytelling has layers upon layers.

The most burning question is when will Heath be able to buy his kids a swimming pool.

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