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Impact recap & reactions: Taya arrested for attempted murder

Impact Wrestling (Jan. 19, 2021) featured Matt Hardy and Private Party becoming the #1 tag team contenders and Taya possibly finishing her Impact career in jail.

We’ll start with a shocking turn of events. No, I’m not talking about Matt Hardy and Private Party appearing on the show. I’m speaking of Taya being arrested for attempted murder.

This story heads all the way back to when John E. Bravo was shot in the chest at his wedding to Rosemary. Detective Tommy Dreamer seemingly cracked the case to convict Larry D. Mr. D claimed it was a setup the whole time. D’s partner, Acey Romero, dug deeper for evidence. He found it in the Knockouts locker room.

Bravo confronted Taya as the prime suspect. When faced with overwhelming evidence against her, she admitted the scheme. Taya never supported the relationship between Bravo and Rosemary. She was trying to save Rosemary from that useless idiot. Taya’s only regret is that Bravo didn’t die. The authorities came to take Taya away.

Dreamer closed the scene with a humorous reference to AEW and WWE. Romero asked Dreamer where Taya would be sent. He replied:

“If she’s lucky, she’ll go to Jacksonville state prison. But for what she did and she’s not that lucky, I think they’re going to send her to Stamford maximum penitentiary for two years, maybe an option for three. Trust me, that will change a person’s soul forever.”

Romero squeezed in a joke at ROH by hoping Taya doesn’t get sent to Baltimore.

As Taya was being escorted out of the building, Rosemary stood in the way. Taya was sorry. She wanted to let Rosemary know that one of her biggest accomplishments in Impact was having Rosemary as a friend. Rosemary gave Taya a big hug.

There have been rumors that Taya’s Impact contract has run its course. This story development would seem to back that up as she is being written off to prison. Not to mention Dreamer’s not so subtle remarks. Rosemary being close to tears felt like real emotion, and it probably was. La era de la wera has come to an end in Impact.

Let’s run through the rest of the show down from beginning to end.

Matt Striker and D’Lo Brown were on commentary.

Don Callis told the Impact camera that Kenny Omega would be taking time away from Impact to plan their next move and take care of business in AEW.

Eric Young defeated Rhino. Cody Deaner caused a referee distraction for Joe Doering to smash Rhino’s leg into the ring post. Young won with a grapevine heel hook submission. Afterward, Young set up a chair on Rhino’s ankle for Doering to repeatedly stomp.

Bonus insert: After Hard to Kill, Moose attacked Rich Swann. Moose lived up to his word of not putting hands on Swann during the trios match against Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers. With the match being over, bing, bang, boom. Moose is coming for Swann’s Impact World Championship.

Back to the show, Swann was tired of playing games. He left to call out Moose tonight.

The Good Brothers were in the ring talking a big game about being Impact tag champs for a long time to come. Chris Sabin interrupted with James Storm by his side. They want the next shot. Not so fast. Matt Hardy made a surprise appearance with Private Party looking for a match. That led to the main event of Private Party versus Sabin & Storm to determine the #1 contenders.

Matt Cardona (fka Zack Ryder) is in Impact to make the most out of an opportunity. He will prove his fans right for their support.

New Knockouts tag champs Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz were planning a celebration party for next week. They were backstage trying to sell tickets. Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb Konley declined the offer. Johnny Swinger swung in, but he was out of cash. Fallah Bahh was looking for the stolen money from a while back. Brian Myers entered and that led to a match against Bahh.

Kimber Lee & Susan defeated Jordynne Grace & Jazz. The powerhouses were in control until Deonna Purrazzo conked Jazz on the head with the Knockouts Championship. Susan stacked Jazz up for the pin.

Tony Khan returned for another paid commercial. He had Jerry Lynn by his side to scout the main event.

Swann was in the ring to call out Moose. He doesn’t know if his issues with Kenny Omega are over, but he does know his schedule is wide open to settle beef with Moose. Swann wanted to give Moose the Impact title match right at that moment. Moose said that he dictates the schedule. Swann responded by punching Moose. The big man crashed into the corner when Swann dodged a spear. The Impact champ flew high for a Phoenix splash.

Rohit Raju met with Scott D’Amore about TJP being Manik. TJP entered without his costume and carrying the X-Division Championship. D’Amore didn’t care. Everyone knew Manik was TJP. Rohit wanted the opportunity he deserves. D’Amore granted a match in two weeks. After Rohit left, D’Amore revealed it would be a non-title match.

Fire and Flava were still hawking tickets to their celebration. Tickets were magically sold out when Havok and Nevaeh inquired. They were offered the copper package to sit at home and watch on TV with their cats.

Brian Myers defeated Fallah Bahh. Bahh accidentally poked Myers in the eye. During the following confusion with the referee, the most professional wrestler won with a low blow kick then a clothesline.

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton were interrupted by Josh Alexander. A fight broke out. Matt Cardona jumped in to even the odds and help Alexander.

Eddie Edwards was getting treatment in the trainer’s room for wounds from the Barbed Wire Massacre at Hard to Kill. Myers came in looking for care about his eye. That led to a match next week between the professional wrestler and the backyarder.

Private Party defeated Chris Sabin & James Storm. This main event bout was to determine the #1 contenders for the Good Brothers and Impact tag team gold. Matt Hardy was ringside to guide his team. Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn showed up to watch from the front row. In the end, Sabin had a window of opportunity slammed shut when Lynn grabbed his foot. That led to Private Party’s Gin and Juice finisher. A three-way brawl with the Good Brothers erupted after the match.

Thumbs up for the wild surprise of Matt Hardy and Private Party. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. Their appearance definitely brings excitement into the Impact Zone. I also like how Tony Khan is trying to be the bad guy when on Impact. His commercials were just words before. Now, it seems like he fully endorsed Jerry Lynn’s cheating tactic. It creates an interesting conundrum of who to root for. The Good Brothers are AEW adjacent heels, while Private Party are outsiders. Chris Sabin and James Storm are Impact veterans that should stand tall when all is said and done, but they’ll have to wait in line after losing.

After this episode, I understand why heels get so uppity with Impact management and staff. The bad guys get treated like crap. Rohit has a legitimate case about TJP violating the stipulation of not being able to challenge him for the X-Division Championship, and D’Amore rubbed it in Rohit’s face. Then, D’Amore didn’t even give Rohit a title match. For Brian Myers, I also side with him. A fresh poke to the eye should take priority in the trainer’s room over cuts and bruises that are a few days old. These guys get no respect, I tell ya.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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